Project 365 Week 13 & 14

Let’s take a backwards trip by two weeks! It took a while for me to find some missing photos from my real camera, and the weeks seem so far away. Less rambling from me and onwards to the photographs for these two weeks.

Week 13

Day 85 – I love a flowering tea.

Day 86 – Neighbourhood cats decided to come sit on our deck and tease our two indoor cats.

Day 87 – Marie Cat sunbathing on the bed

Day 88 – Again, Marie cat having a stretch out!

Day 89 – Flowers on the bushes at my work place

Day 90 – Mount Si wandering on a Friday with two lovely ladies. We had some interesting conversations surrounding gun ownership, and carrying on the trail. This came from the recent shooting in London, and me being asked why the British public don’t fight for our police to open carry.

Day 91 – I hadn’t taken a photo all day, so here is my lava lamp and treble clef.

Week 14

Day 92 – It was the WAAAlk in Kirkland. Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy walk in Kirkland, we often go for a wander at the weekend so we went and looked at the stalls, I saw one of my parents at her stall as she opened a school for children with autism. I love that she did this, but also sad that in our area it is necessary for a parent to do this because the school districts are underfundedย and cannot provide adequate support. We ate Sushi afterwards and it was really good ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 93 – Max Cat! He’s grown in so much confidence and now really likes the tunnel

Day 94 – Daffodiles in our garden, a splash of colour ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 95 – Bad news from home so no photo. My granddad died today. I now have the funeral date, and will be going back to the UK on the 24th April.

Day 96 – Crochet and Marie cat.

Day 97 – Snuggles with Max cat in bed.

Day 98 – Tacos for dinner at a little restaurant in Redmond, after we saw Ghost in a Shell at the iPIC.

Happy wanderings to all those doing Project 365 ๐Ÿ™‚


Mount Si Old Trail 02/29/16

The ladies I hiked with, minus one who needed to head back down. Next time!


I knew this would be a hard hike, it is steep and long, plus I need to carry my own pack. There are some reasons why I married Hubster :-p

This was another Ladies Group Hike, and I really can not express how thankful I am for finding this group on Facebook. I met lovely women of all ages and countries and I love the conversations we have along the way, and of course I am really enjoying all these new places I get to visit.

Mount Si is in the same area as Talus Loop, Little Si and Teneriffe Falls so I am now very confident in driving this way.

Weather forecast as usual was *rain* and I saw some posts about snow towards the top of Mount Si so I had multiple layers, plus wet weather gear. I still struggle to regulate my temperature when I hike or run, I haven’t worked out why and I don’t remember having this problem in the UK. Changes in food, weight, muscle gain maybe? Anyone have ideas?

The Washington Trail Association is my go to website before I hike, it usually has good descriptions of the trail and directions also members can upload trail reports when they have completed a trail so often you can read about the hike conditions from the previous few days. See hereย for Mount Si’s page.

The Old Trail starts from the Little Si trail head, and follows the same route until after the Boulder Garden 2nd turn off on the right. There isn’t a sign marker, but one of the ladies we were with knew where we needed to turn off. The trail forked with a trail upwards and the Little Si trail to the right. Upwards we went!

This trail began to get really steep and I was thankful for having my poles with me! Also for having layers I could take off. Yay to hike number 1 in a t.shirt ๐Ÿ™‚ I also really considered taking off my hiking trousers and being in leggings only, however it was a smart move to keep them on – it was cold at the top….brrr

There were many switchbacks on the way up, therefore many places to stop for a breather aka photo opportunities. After a while we joined onto the main Mount Si Trail so followed this to the top.

The temperature dropped, and snow appeared along the side of the trail. Spikes were not required today, but I can see how they would have been necessary a few weeks previous. The steepness really worked my legs hard, my thighs began to ache and I could easily have turned around if I wasn’t with a great group of ladies. The rain still held off which was great, because we still got quite wet from the melting snow in the trees.

Freedom The Top!

It was so cold, and so beautiful. We said goodbye to one member of the group at this point. The rest of us scrambled over the rocks – there was a path – and headed towards Haystack. 3 members of the group headed towards the right so look more closely, and 2 of us veered to the right to look at the view, take photos and eat lunch! Sneaky little birds tried to get our food, fortunately they did not like the look of my pasta and chicken! They flew off to bother a gentleman instead ๐Ÿ™‚

Once we headed back down, we said goodbye to 2 members who hung back at the top for a little longer. 3 of us enjoyed a chatting hike down, weather temperature increased and we added the Boulder Garden Loop onto our hike (by accident!) as we came down back to the parking lot.

I ended the hike in my t.shirt again. This makes me happy, it is definitely nearly Spring ๐Ÿ˜€


Roll on the next group hike with these and more lovely ladies.

The Talus Loop 02/20/16

A small afternoon hike with Sausage and Igloo as well as Hubster. I choose this one! I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was and will do this one again, I reckon it would be suitable for a trail run during the week. I would feel confident doing this hike alone.

Talus Loop Trail is found off of the Mount Si Trail so the starting point was the same, it then was clearly signposted….Clear sign post

So we could not go wrong! Being a shorter hike I opted for leggings, boots and waterproof coat, but I was quick to heat up except still kept my gloves on as my hands become cold extremely quickly at the moment. Usually I would be in waterproof trousers too. SPRING IS COMING!

It was a 5.2 mile round trip, at an easy elevation. Before the turn off the main trail was quite busy, this appears to be a tourist trap and although I am all for getting outdoors and experiencing it I did become slightly annoyed at the number of people who were rude on the trail. You “should” yield to the upwards hiker, often it is nice to have a break going upwards so I’ve witnessed a lot of yielding the other way round, but today the number of people who just walked and brushed past without a care in the world began to grate on me. Just wait guys and gals!

The path at times was muddy with puddles, but the rain stayed away throughout which was refreshing to say to the least ๐Ÿ™‚

Once we were on the Talus Loop I was much happier. We only encountered one group of 4 on our way round, and a pair when we stopped to admire the view.

There were a couple of switchbacks until we reached the view point, which was breath-taking so we had a little break and spoke about phallic objects in bathrooms – Sausage and Igloo have seen some funky bathroom hangers! Much laughter whilst we decided on what we could create and sell.

We were sat on some rocks overlooking Truck Town which is part of Snoqualmie Valley. I’m sure that with some time I’ll learn which mountains are which over the next year, but we had a nice view of many of them. When the weather clears up we will be going again because the view is that spectacular!

We headed down, following the loop round and came across an upturned tree near to a smaller stream and little tiny waterfalls. (Well they aren’t waterfalls just flowing water, but it makes it sound nicer!)

We joined back onto the main Mount Si trail, again with a really useful sign post and headed back down to the parking lot.

One final photo from the Hubster and his iPhone ::