Tulip Town and Clayton Beach 04/16/17

Sometimes it is easier to insert a map to show where we visit, especially as no one lives here with us! We drove up, towards the Canadian boarder over Easter. It was a sunny day *yay :)* and this place has been raved about since we moved here. I am really pleased we left so early, and I’m also really pleased we missed our turning as it meant we were not stuck in traffic on the I-5, and we were able to see some stunning views on the back way into the venue.

It cost us $7 each to enter and see many different varieties of tulips, and some pop up stores which sold paintings, seeds, bulbs and kites. We wandered the fields, looked at the planned enclosed gardens and ate some ice-cream!

Tulip Town is owned by the De Goede family who were originally from Holland, and they open it for the month of April for people to come and see the tulips and bulbs. Click here if you want to find out more. There was also some placard information that the tulip bulbs were originally distributed from Canada as a sign of peace. Some also go to Washington DC. During the war, Canada took in the Royal Family from Holland and the Princess was born in Ottawa, who in turn raised the Dutch Flag so her heritage remained intact. As a sign of Thanks Holland sends tulips each year. Read more here!

I still have not got the hang of writing, and I know I tend to read blog posts with photos! So here are my photos from our day around the Tulip Town!

We weren’t ready to make the 1.5 hour journey home again after wandering the Tulips so decided to go for another little drive further north and along Chuckanut Drive which Hubster had previously been told would be a nice place to visit and drive his fast car along. We were in my jeep so there was no fast driving! It was a really scenic drive, which usually would take 20ish minutes but today took 50minutes! We stopped at Larrabee State Park and searched for the trail down to the beach 😀

The walk started in trees after we had crossed the busy main road, and was easy to follow until we came to a clearing and there was a train track with the following sign on…do we cross or not? Is this a used line? We saw a family come from the otherside and cross so we did too.

On our back to the car we crossed this, and then a little car on the tracks came past. The family in front of us told their children that it was keeping the track clear for the Amtrax train up to Canada….so yes, we discovered that this is actually a train track which is used.

Lots of dogs at the beach having fun in the sun. We sat and watched the massive sea gulls flying, and secretly hoped we would see some Orca Whales. No such luck, but maybe one day.

We went back to the car, and drove down towards home, stopping at a Panera Bread. It is like a Pret. I giggle everytime we buy some lunch there though, as they offer “baguette, apple or chips (crisps)” with any of the sandwiches, soups, lunch stuff. I ordered a BBQ flat bread, and apple on the side. Hubster did a great job of ordering a baguette sandwich with side of baguette!! Why offer baguette with a baguette?! Makes me giggle every single time. Why do people think they want basically one filled sandwich and one plain one!? I digress….

This is a map to show just how close to Canada we were! 30 minutes in medium traffic!


Licorice Fern Trail 03/05/16

An afternoon hike for me and Hubster today. I saw this hike posted on the Ladies Group but on a day when I would be unable to join them, but it looked like a nice one so I nabbed it!

Licorice Fern Trail is about 4.5 miles long, with not a huge elevation so was perfect for filling some time in the afternoon. It was not too far to drive to which was nice as well. It still has not sunk in just what amazing outdoor activities we have less than 1 hours drive from us.

I drove us down today *shock* I actually offer to drive places now, I’m even slightly worried about driving my mums little Fiat 500 when I arrive back NEXT MONTH! NEXT MONTH!!!

The parking lot, is actually road parking. Easy to get to though, and there is a clear sign of where to begin the hike.  We followed the path along and lowered down towards a small stream/creek on the left hand side and soon the path headed upwards so the water became below us. You could tell that we have been having wind storms lately, there were a lot of tree branches on the path and to the side of it. This was such a quiet trail – we saw 3 pairs of people on the first section.

We continued following the path until we came across Licorice Way, this is a road! You cross the road, walk a little to the left and rejoin the trail.


We came across a couple of families and another pair, but apart from that noone else. It was very peaceful. There was only one section of the trail which was tricky and that was simply because a tree had fallen across which we needed to climb over. Other than that, it was a clear and easy hike.

It was recommended to me to look at Geo-cache’s so I’ve installed this onto my phone, only the free version so far, and there was one along this route. Very pleased to have found it! It took a while – this was a kiddies cache, so a little embarrassing – and had a peek inside. So cute! I didn’t have anything to leave behind so I didn’t take anything. Roll on the next one to look for 😀

Once we reached the end of the Licorice Fern Trail, we turned left and followed the Indian Trail up to the Far Country Lookout, before heading back the way we came.

We tried to find Far Country Falls, but managed to miss the turning somewhere, and ended up by a few houses and the end of the trail! We turned back and went back the way we had come, along the trail, across the road, back on trail all the way to the car. The only thing I really needed was a bathroom!

Talapus Trail to Lake Talapus 11-15-15

Originally Hubster had suggested Teneriffe Falls, but once we met with our hiking buddy – let’s call him….H – we changed our minds.

Ready for the drive!
Ready for the drive!

We started later than expected due to some road closures, and H had the suggestion of another one. We swapped into H’s car as it’s a landcruiser which means we can access more trails than if we went in Husbter’s car….Cannot remember the name, but we headed there and the road was shut so instead of turning right we turned left…..this looked familiar to me and then I realised we hiked near to here on the lower level back in June. Ira Springs Trail.

Driving along the road to the car park I began to get very excited because THERE IS SNOW IN THE TREES!!!

Layers went on, gloves, woolly hat, NEW BOOTS — all whilst there was gentle snowfall 😄

Bit further in than the start of the trail
Bit further in than the start of the trail

I think I’m just going to show the photos and comment on them rather than describe it all. Unfortunately my camera battery died, so I have had to borrow use some of Hubsters photos too.

It was a lovely shorter hike, we could have gone further up as there were two other lakes higher but we can do that another time. The ground was clear from snow, which was mostly on leaves, branches and other foliage. We ate lunch near the Lake and wandered up a little higher before coming back down. It was cold, but not too cold considering there was snow, and thankfully it did not rain.

Found a waterfall along the way which H said he had never seen so high before. It was beautiful, and scary as it was moving so fas

P.S: RAB base layers and trousers, Lucy running cover up, and brand new boots! Salomon Comet 3D Lady GTX Hiking Boots.

All Things A Blur

I have been here nearly 3 weeks and time has flown by and therefore everything has merged in to blur as to when I visited places.

I have been to the local shopping mall – Bellevue Crossroads – and bought yarn!!! First of many trips, and the first of many blankets started.

Yarn haul.
Yarn haul.

Lots of driving around has occurred, but with my sense of direction it has no particular impact on my day to day  goings. I have had a rental car for almost 3 weeks now, a little but big Ford Fiesta. I now like it, but it took a while to get used to the size. Much bigger than a Fiat 500!!

We went to our nearest bowling alley….a few steps across the road hehe! You rent a lane by the hour, really enjoyed it and it was SO clean! Shoes were beautiful and white. They also have a Peanut Butter Milkshake – there are alot of peanut butter produce here. I even found peanut butter wafers! – It was amazing, I loved it. Will make a return journey here soon just for one of those 🙂

We went out for dinner one night to Milagro Cantina which is a restaurant in Kirkland, it was lovely. We went with one of Hubster’s friends from UK who is now over here too, I’m very much looking forward to meeting his wife! I had very yummy Seafood Enchiladas, black beans and rice with an original Margarita to begin with —


And a frozen strawberry and coconut margarita to end!

Strawberry and Coconut!
Strawberry and Coconut!

Once I got my rental car I drove us around one day, a drive to Downtown Kirkland and to the Lake Washington

Followed by a trip to Redmond. This is where I’ll be spending a lot of time, I’ve picked up a 2 week yoga pass at Stavva Yoga which I love going to so far, plus there is a nice place to have lunch and there are a lot of shops. Macy’s, Lucy, Starbucks (of course) plus a lovely juices shop. There are other shops which I can’t remember what they are called, but the usual suspects in any town centre mall.

It might not sound like a lot, but I’ve been busy. There were also trips to different grocery shops, Ikea, laundry and cleaning! Exploring 🙂 I have also joined a running club, but think that warrants a post all of its own.

Along with Mox!!