Seattle has a lot of outdoors activities. Cycling, running – road and trail -, climbing, watersports, camping etc the list goes on.

I have joined us both up to a running club, East Side Runners. A great way to make friends, and get some exercise!

We are climbing regularly, at Vertical World and I have my own gear now πŸ™‚ even better that my harness is purple and I have blue shoes hehe πŸ˜€

We go hiking at weekends and have a small swimming pool on our complex which is a lovely place to relax after any sort of exercise!

I have also joined a Yoga Studio, Sattva Yoga, in Redmond which has many classes to choice from.

I have a huge love for Lucy and for REI for all my sports needs…..in other words I buy too many clothes!

I’ll link all the outdoors/sports related posts in this section.