Yoga Insta-challenge 12/1/15-12/12/15

I decided to give an Instagram Yoga Challenge a try. One of the hosts is Sattva Yoga which is where I go a few days a week. I love this studio, there are many options including hot yoga but what I love the most is that there are different yogi’s to learn from. I am recovering from pulled tendons in my shoulder — maybe/possibly/might seek 2nd opinion in the New Year — and I have found that Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga is best for me at this time.

The photos below are from my home practice where I gave this a try. I am still a beginner, and many of these were out of my knowledge base so I needed to adapt or change to another posture. There ladies who also took part were amazing to see on here. It gave me so much inspiration and I look forward to being able to put more weight on my arms.

I think I’ll do another one of these at some point. It’ll be interesting to redo this one next year and see how far I go…..

Those who ran this can be found via my Instagram where I tagged them in each photograph.