12K’s of Christmas 12/20/15

Well I thought it would be a good idea to do the 12K’s of Christmas in Kirkland. It would up my distance to 12km approx. 7.4 miles I think, and that would set me up well for January and being almost at my 10 miles. This was on Sunday 20th December and there were some positives and negatives about this run, which I won’t get into on here. I did complain on their facebook page though. Running out of water on a 12km run I don’t think is acceptable when most people sign up online, in advance.

We both ran this one, we also did a short run on Saturday with East Side Runners of 5km nearby to our home. It was nice to have a weekend run with other people again, it has been a while since we were available on a Saturday morning.

What I really liked about this run is that it was chip timed. A little orange counter tag tied onto our shoes so we were able to get a really specific individual time.

I have never run this distance before, and I found myself struggling with temperature and then losing my energy levels. I need to find some place that might do a talk about nutrition or find some decent websites which can help.

I found that I started off really cold, then I heated up so I was almost too hot, and then from about 9km I began to get cold again. From about 8km I found myself getting hungry and then really thirsty so I almost drank all my water – given that they ran out of water on the stations I wasn’t surprised as couldn’t grab a top up from a cup earlier – and I lost energy. My mapmyrun showed my lap times. My legs felt that they became really heavy after 10km.  It’ll be interesting to see how I do in January, I think I have an 8 mile near New Year and then 10 miles at Bridle Trails Park a week afterwards.

Positives though were that I completed this run!! In less than 90 minutes with a time of 1 hour 22 minutes. No official photos from this race as it cost $40 to enter (yes I missed the early bird) and then it was $19.99 per photo and I cannot afford that.

I most likely will not do this one again, I was not impressed with the organisation and considering the cost to enter, I felt it should have been better. This was not their first year. Back to North West Trail Runs I be thinking!


Redmond Reindeer Romp 12/05/15

As part of my sudden (?) interest in running I thought the best way to stay motivated was to have goals and therefore I needed runs/races to complete regularly. Joining East Side Runners and joining them on Saturdays and during the week is great, but being last all the time began to annoy me. It put me off going. No one is at fault, it isn’t anyone’s fault that I am last. I’m new to running, I don’t have good running form and I don’t have the fitness that others have. Everyone starts from somewhere, and this is where I currently am.

North West Trail Runs Winter Series Sign

I googled runs and trails which would give me official times, appeared to be well organised, and have multiple distances. Northwest Trail Runs popped up. They have runs in different areas, different distances using the same routes and seemed to be well organised. So I signed up to a few! They do trail series, as we are currently in Winter it is The Winter Trail Series. They have photos and times for everyone, provide clear markers and have hot drinks and snacks at the end. Everyone likes snacks – me for sure!Redmond Reindeer Romp was held at Redmond Watershed Reserve. I’ve been here with East Side Runners on a Saturday morning run and it took me over an hour, with a lot of walking because of the hills! They like their hills over here. I was apprehensive as we choose to do the 5 mile route. However, I knew I wouldn’t be the last one over the line because there was the option of a half-marathon!

I missed the opportunity to capture a photo of the yellow school buses, but they provided one to shuttle people from the overflow carpark to the reserve! So cool :-p

Michael Lake Photography was the official photographer again so I looked forward to seeing the photos afterwards.

It was cold, wet, windy – definitely choose the wrong season to begin running!

It is a bit chilly out!
It is a bit chilly out!

I was thrilled with how I did today. I knew I had managed 5 miles in under an hour even with my mapmyrun tracker it showed this so I was pretty damn chuffed when the official time of 53:08 came through. This is a similar distance to the Ravenna Refresher 8km run last month.

Huge thanks to Michael Lake Photography for the below photos, for being out there in the cold and the rain. 🙂


Happy face from a soaked through runner!
Happy face from a soaked through runner!

Jelly Beans, Crisps and a Hot Drink to end was fantastic. Plus we stayed for the raffle and both won a price. Matt won some reindeer antlers and I won some Reindeer Gumballs. 😀

Happy times!
Happy times!

Totally rocking my Lucy Active Wear again, with Salamon Trail Shoes

Kirkland 5km Turkey Trot 11/22/15

Kirkland Turkey Trot
Kirkland Turkey Trot

Hubster did not partake this morning. He was feeling very fragile and rough from yesterdays run, even after a huge brunch with Igloo. (I’ll think of a proper name for him but didn’t want to just write “I”!)

I picked up my race number and free t.shirt a couple of days before the race, which is a much better way of doing things. This was a 5km run/walk/race in Kirkland which raised funds for HopeLink which is a community based charity(?) — I am still learning the differences over here, so I’m not sure if charity is the correct word to describe this service.

There were so many people here. It was amazing! I waited in the crowd and it was quite uncomfortable just how packed in we were. I kept trying to catch Hubsters attention, but he was too busy talking to a random dude. — or so I thought  —

Under 30 minutes for sure!! I did not stop once, worked on lengthening my strides, and ended with a smile on my face.

Non stop running and a smile too
Non stop running and a smile too

After finding Hubster, I found out that the random dude from above, was in fact known! In a series of coincidences, this man asked Hubster if he knew where the finish was as his wife was running. They then realised that they worked together in London and both had transferred over here into different offices.

Congratulations to his wife for running her very first 5km. 😀

We headed to a coffee shop afterwards to continue chatting, and they served a really nice tea which I haven’t yet found in any shops.

I need to find this tea!
I need to find this tea!

Rocking the Lucy Active Wear as usual. I love these leggings. They might be for yoga but they are so comfy to wear on a run when I don’t need to carry anything.


Ravenna Refresher 11/21/15

So I’ve did the 5k and quite enjoyed being in a crowd. So I am aiming high! In January there is a 10 mile trail run in the park across of the road from us. I need instant gratification for things I do — give me praise when I do well, and that includes running….please! So we worked out some runs to do between now and January which would slowly increase my distances and also make me feel proud of accomplishing something, whilst also increasing my fitness, helping me lose a little bit around my hips so next years wedding dress will give me space to eat loads and loads of food :-p

This is a run based across the Lake!! We had to take the long route – rawte…haha…no I do not talk like that yet! So were up very early, so we could find parking, find the park and pick up our race numbers. This is with Northwest Trail Runs who seem to do a lot of runs throughout the year. Many people appear to do them, so we thought we would give it a go.

Today was the Ravenna Refresher which was held in Ravenna Park. Really nice park, if we lived more locally I would definitely go wandering in there. Well maintained paths. There were options of 4km, 8km, or 12km. All using the same trail. Either once, twice or three times around, with a water station provided. I opted for the 8km as I seem able to regularly run 5km now without stopping.

Hills! Hills Hills!!! Need to get used to those. They wiped me out. Hubster was very very hung over this morning so I had hoped that I would have beaten him. 😦 No I didn’t. Maybe one day. That is a long term goal.

It was so cold this morning. 33F which is around 0.5C. Chilly.

Thrilled to have finished this with a smile as it was hard work.

The end and I am still smiling!
The end and I am still smiling! Plus spotted Hubster waiting for me 🙂

I was exhausted, my legs hurt, and I could not regulate my temperature. I was cold, hot, cold, hot, throughout. It was uncomfortable. Sleeves were pulled up and down, neck warmer worn around neck, on head, on wrist and I wanted to throw my bottle away but I needed to drink water because that is what I need to do at the moment! I wasn’t even hung over, I didn’t go out! This is a learning curve.

I completed this with a time of 59:54….I was under an hour!

I had a lovely email conversation with the gentleman who took photos today. He provides downloads for free and only asks to be credited. Thank you to Michael Lake Photography.

In my Lucy Active Wear again – need to go shopping for more trousers! Salamon trail shoes too.


On the road to running….

We I joined a running club – Eastside Runners – to get fit and to make friends. One of things I’m struggling with most is having the confidence to get out there and make friends. Hubster came with me on the first meet, back on October 8th, and since then I’ve been to a Monday night after yoga, other Thursday’s and most Saturday mornings.

First post-run selfie!
First post-run selfie!

Then I thought what better motivation to keep it up as we move further into Fall and Winter than to have runs/dashes/races to aim for. Differing distances through to a 10 mile in Bridle Trails in the new year. Why this aim? Bridle Trails is the community area we live, and our local trail park.

So after getting my distance up and running a slow 5km on a Saturday morning around Kirkland Marina, I booked myself onto the 5km Purple Heart Dash. This was held on Washington University premises and monies went towards charity to help and support veterans, on November 1st 2015.

It was not as busy as I thought, but I was pleased I managed to complete it. Hubster waited with me at the start and then wandered off to get a hot chocolate for me to have at the end. It was chilly, wet and overcast but I really enjoyed it.

Hubster managed to capture me at the start, but I can not work out how to put a video in here!!

I completed it with a time of 31 minutes and 54 seconds, coming 87th overall and 29th female overall, plus 20th female in my age group. Thrilled with this time!

Finished with a hot choc!
Finished with a hot choc!

Recorded finish by Hubster will be uploaded as soon as I can! I am proud to have run all the way to the end 🙂

Huge thanks to Hubster for driving me there and back, hanging around in the cold for me, and finding hot chocolate! Xxx

P.S: I am totally in love with Lucy Active Wear. I discovered them in June when I visited and bought a running skirt which I used cycling, and now I have a steadily growing sports wardrobe of their things! I wore their Endurance Run Tight and a short sleeved t-shirt in teal. Also wore a RAB merino wool base layer, and my Salamon Trail shoes.