Weeks 15, 16 & 17

Here we are, almost up to date! A 3 weeker, until next week when I am back to normality and a weekly post.

Week 15

7th – 13th April

Planning for a ukulele class I’m teaching and found this great and easy chart for basic chords. Work day at the weekend at Kirkland Marina, the weather was awful and the event was cancelled 2 hours early because of high winds. Coffee coffee, this is the same place as I am currently sat. I love that they use real mugs, and the heart is a wonderful touch. I joined a soccer club, I am awful, today was the first game and I was shite…I fell over without the ball anywhere near me and Superman’d on the astroturf. By the way, that stuff HURTS! Then I stopped the ball, and it left this bruise impression. Yes, that is the imprint of the ball. I feel sorry for the gals in my team…I really am awful. I am a Brit who is dreadful at soccer, who also doesn’t support any soccer team.

We have another foster cat, called Forest, she is very shy and 10 years old. We had her over 2 weeks and unfortunately she isn’t ready to be adopted out. She is going to Feral Care in Bothell. This was her first few days with us.

Bookclub book…I highly recommend you read this book! Plus it’s set in Seattle, which is pretty cool.

Week 16

14th – 20th April

Chinese for dinner, a close up of nosy Marie’s face. Finally got my guitars up on the wall including my new-to-me Taylor mini….it sounds so good! I had help from a personal organizer to sort out our spare/guest/den/office room. I have a desk, I can use my desk and I know where everything is and it makes productive sense. Marie was resting next to me in the couch when Max decided to “play” nope…just nope, she only plays on her terms.

I am making a baby blanket for a friend, but as I have until August and it doesn’t need to go in the post, this is my “complete at work so I take a break” blanket. There was sunshine so I took myself out for 20 minutes.

Forest the foster cat doesn’t leave from under the bed. She purrs but is so nervous and shy still.

Week 17

21st – 27th April

We have been allocated an allotment and this makes me very happy. We’ve dug it over, fed it and now need to buy so food! I visited St Edward’s Park, took a photo of the gloomy grey by the lake….looks like the UK 😀 I got happy mail from a friend, a postcard about having tea and biscuits.

We have given Forest back, and I realized we had no first aid supplies. Hubster was bitten and scratch very badly, she was so scared at being picked up to go into the cat bag. 😢

A family I work with kindly gave me some chocolates which look like galaxies. The photo which looks like marbles!

I woke up extra early as in 5am, I nanny in the mornings but usually wake around 6am. At that time there isn’t often a cat in sight, but at 5am this is how they sleep! Flowers. So beautiful, shame they aren’t mine.


Weeks 11, 12, 13 & 14

Another 4 weeker post!

Week 10

10th – 16th March

I have one day missing, but I am okay with that. I have a few more missing later this month and that is also okay! Hubster is back and Max cat is much better. Next step is to look at his diet but we need him to gain some weight first. I have had music rehearsals, I’m in a trio with clarinet and piano. I play flute. This piece is kicking my butt at the moment!

Girl Scout Cookie Season is upon us! Happy Days. Crocheting with a watchful cat nearby who wants to play. Nope, he gets no yarn playtime! I finished a little crochet purse too. It appears I planted hyacinths in the yard….I didn’t realize so these were a pleasant surprise.

Week 11

17th – 23rd March

I back on the knitting train, and have started a little girls cardigan for my best friend here in the States. Her friendship definitely makes the hard days easier. Hubster’s mum is visiting us, so we went over the Leavenworth, WA a Bavarian town east of the mountains. I love going there. We wanted to do a short easy hike, but the snow closed the road. Instead we found a little path to wander briefly, there was this amazing viewpoint not far in so we all took a seat in the sun. Hubster decided he wanted to stand on the rock on the edge….sometimes I just shake my head and sigh.

I love the photo of the two cats Max and Marie. She’s rolling around like a sausage lump whilst he watches.

The moon woke me up in the middle of the night, I actually expect a cat walked on my head or something, but the moon lit the room up like it was day time. The camera doesn’t do it justice.

I finished another crochet project….mermaid and fish. I get a monthly subscription crochet box, and managed to get behind on it so I am catching up! I am nearly there.

Week 12

24th – 30th March

It is nearly Easter, therefore I found the Peeps. Not just yellow Peeps….but multicolored ones! Peeps are marshmallow chicks. I love to heat them up in the microwave before eating them, they expand and makes me think I’m eating more than I actually am! Hubster brought me a present as I missed out on our vacation….a Launchpad. Very happy wifey! Found him and Max asleep on the couch too, plus a standard photo of each cat too.

Week 13

31st March – 6th April

More cats this week, surprise surprise! I went for a wander with a friend again, this time we stopped off at Snoqualmie Falls on our way home as she had never been. This is another place I love to visit. Anyone seen Twin Peaks? Yup it’s the same place.

I am decluttering, or at least attempting to. Max found the only surface with all the bits I was sorting out on, and promptly fell asleep on it all. Marie is pleased the weather is becoming warmer and takes herself to bed in the middle of day, we couldn’t work out why until I found her soaking in the suns rays! Marie was incredibly cute this week. I moved onto another room to declutter, emptied a box turned around, looked back and found Max in it. I am on another crochet project, making a Mandela.

Weeks 7, 8, 9 & 10

It is now May 1st, life has been busy, life hasn’t given up and I have only just caught up with posting my photos onto Instagram. Why has it taken so long?

We had our trip to Canada to renew our visas for America, we were then supposed to have a vacation to Whistler but instead had a very sick cat who needed 24/7 care, so Hubster went and I stayed home. We have then had sickness in the house, I’ve taken on more work hours and we were back and forth with pet insurance. Finding time to sit and write anything has been non-existent. To be honest anything unrelated to work and cat care has been non-existent. So here is a very short and sweet 4 week post, I’ll then do another short and sweet 4 week post, followed by a 3 week post. I am then all caught up on my Project356…..not including wandering the other posters! That will take a long while indeed.

Week 7

10th – 16th February

Still in Canada, waiting for our passports to be returned with our new visas so we can head back to the US. We visited the Glenbow Museum, Fort Calgary and up the Calgary Tower. It was minus minus degrees, so cold but thankfully they have skywalks so you don’t have to be outside for too long. I couldn’t resist getting a photo at the airport of a Moose as a Mounty with a Canadian Flag. We will go back, probably not in the depths of winter though, I’d like to visit Banff in summer. Valentine’s Day so I learnt a new song to use in my jobs, Skinamrinky Dinky Dink, it is very cute. I needed cake so here is my very chocolaty chocolate cake I found, I ate it all in one sitting. Then felt ill 🤢 Marie cat was rolling on the floor once we were back, looking most peculiar!

Week 8

17th – 23rd February

We went to a Speakeasy/1920’s themed 25th Wedding Anniversary – yay Amazon Prime for getting me a dress and accessories within 2 days! – there were poker tables and themed drinks. Quite fun! Gifts requested was a donation to Mary’s Place I hadn’t heard of them before but now I do. They are “a leading voice for homeless women, children and families in emergency situations.” They do amazing things. ❤️

I went out hiking with a friend, up Tenerife Falls. This is a favorite of mine, unfortunately the snow and ice stopped us reaching the top. I knitted a headband for my friends birthday, she requested the style and let me choose the yarn for her.

Our boy, Max cat is sick. Very sick, he went in for emergency surgery and was kept in over night. Our girl, Marie, was very clingy to me that night. She tries to be all macho but we saw her true colors and she misses her brother from another mother! We have our boy home, and he has to wear this cone for 2 weeks. We are thankful he is alive, he looks very sad at his bowl though.

Week 9

24th February – 2nd March

Hubster has left for vacation to Whistler for snowboarding. I was supposed to be there too, but Max Cat needs a level of care which we just couldn’t put onto a cat sitter. Meds every few hours, plus careful watching when he eats and drinks, no running around and no letting his sister groom him. As we were going with Hubster’s friends, we decided he was best going as planned, but coming back a few days early.

We had snow, and also clear days which meant my crocus are coming through! We live in a complex so there is a clubhouse and therefore food for 4 nights cooked by chefs – local community members who love cooking – I was very well looked after by all whilst Hubster was away. Salmon fillet, and also a banana dessert. Max cat is very sad, he hates the cone and the medications, but he is healing. We had a check up at the vets to check his eyes and they were happy. One more week and we go for surgery follow up and see if he is healing okay. His intestines folded back on themselves so they had to go in and sort those out before it became any worse. Lots of snuggles in bed, on my lap and whilst he was high as a kite on meds.

Week 10

3rd – 9th March

Hubster is still away, I’m still at home with a sick but on the mend Max cat. We had more cone off time with me supervising, he pretty much lazed around with me and his sister, but night times are very hard. They can’t be in the same room because he needs to be contained so he doesn’t run around, our girl doesn’t like being in one room. Therefore if I’m sleeping in the bedroom with him and door closed, she cries aka howls. If I go into the spare room with her and that door open, he cries and howls. Plus the 4-6 hourly medications….I am exhausted and to be honest couldn’t give a pigs fart about how amazing the vacation in Whistler is! Max has taken to sleeping and resting on my face. Now he is a 12lb (9/10lb’s at the moment due to being ill) maincoon, fluffy and heavy, it is hard to breath!

I did go down to a sewing expo with a friend though for a few hours, and this blanket was up. The owner kindly let me take a photograph of it. My crocus have bloomed outside finally and I have a white one!

2018 is here…

Welcome to 2018 🙂 This is the year I give this a proper go. I enjoyed writing the few posts I did up until April 2017 and then life took over so much of my time and I just did not have anytime to write, hike, take photo’s etc or so I tell myself. Maybe I just didn’t know what to write, or who was reading. Hi Mum-in-Law! Therefore I lost the umph.

This year my main resolution I would like to focus on is ME. I want to find the time to do the things I love – hiking, music, crafts – whilst still working! I am currently working 3 jobs, all which I love but it does cut into my time by quite a lot.

Friends are so important to me, and I miss them all so very much. In the last couple of months I’ve discovered the app Marco Polo and it has been a life saver! I love seeing my friends and their children’s faces almost daily! My best friend here in Seattle brought me the most beautiful note cards for Christmas so I am looking forward to sending snail mail throughout the year to my nearest and dearest!

I’m aiming to walk and run the year 2018, 2,018 miles in one year. This works out to around 5.5miles or 11,000 steps per day. I’ve got a couple of posters which I can fill in as I go, plus an online tracker to see what I do daily. Thank you Fitbit! I have gone back to tracking my steps. I’ve got a lovely personal trainer who is going to help me get back into running in an healthy way, good running form but also good nutrition. Through this I hope to get back into climbing. That is a really good date night, plus used to end with getting a pizza slice or two 😀

I love my crochet and knitting projects – anyone need a baby blanket or nice newborn set?! I have a few couple – and my planners and paper crafts so I am trying to find time to fit those in as well. All in moderation I think.

I’m trying Project 365 again this year. One year I’ll complete it I’m sure! In January I am going to simply take a photo a day, but then from February I think I’ll have a look at photo prompts.

I liked the idea I had of tracking my hikes last year on a map, taken from Pedalling to Patagonia, and I’m going to do that again. New map will be up soon because we started our new year with a hike up to Poo Poo Point which is where a certain McDreamy had his house *swoon*

Without further ado, the year has started, Hubster is at his piano lesson and I’m listening to 2 cats wailing for food even though their bowls are full, therefore I’ll sign off and tidy up the blog to restart.


Tulip Town and Clayton Beach 04/16/17

Sometimes it is easier to insert a map to show where we visit, especially as no one lives here with us! We drove up, towards the Canadian boarder over Easter. It was a sunny day *yay :)* and this place has been raved about since we moved here. I am really pleased we left so early, and I’m also really pleased we missed our turning as it meant we were not stuck in traffic on the I-5, and we were able to see some stunning views on the back way into the venue.

It cost us $7 each to enter and see many different varieties of tulips, and some pop up stores which sold paintings, seeds, bulbs and kites. We wandered the fields, looked at the planned enclosed gardens and ate some ice-cream!

Tulip Town is owned by the De Goede family who were originally from Holland, and they open it for the month of April for people to come and see the tulips and bulbs. Click here if you want to find out more. There was also some placard information that the tulip bulbs were originally distributed from Canada as a sign of peace. Some also go to Washington DC. During the war, Canada took in the Royal Family from Holland and the Princess was born in Ottawa, who in turn raised the Dutch Flag so her heritage remained intact. As a sign of Thanks Holland sends tulips each year. Read more here!

I still have not got the hang of writing, and I know I tend to read blog posts with photos! So here are my photos from our day around the Tulip Town!

We weren’t ready to make the 1.5 hour journey home again after wandering the Tulips so decided to go for another little drive further north and along Chuckanut Drive which Hubster had previously been told would be a nice place to visit and drive his fast car along. We were in my jeep so there was no fast driving! It was a really scenic drive, which usually would take 20ish minutes but today took 50minutes! We stopped at Larrabee State Park and searched for the trail down to the beach 😀

The walk started in trees after we had crossed the busy main road, and was easy to follow until we came to a clearing and there was a train track with the following sign on…do we cross or not? Is this a used line? We saw a family come from the otherside and cross so we did too.

On our back to the car we crossed this, and then a little car on the tracks came past. The family in front of us told their children that it was keeping the track clear for the Amtrax train up to Canada….so yes, we discovered that this is actually a train track which is used.

Lots of dogs at the beach having fun in the sun. We sat and watched the massive sea gulls flying, and secretly hoped we would see some Orca Whales. No such luck, but maybe one day.

We went back to the car, and drove down towards home, stopping at a Panera Bread. It is like a Pret. I giggle everytime we buy some lunch there though, as they offer “baguette, apple or chips (crisps)” with any of the sandwiches, soups, lunch stuff. I ordered a BBQ flat bread, and apple on the side. Hubster did a great job of ordering a baguette sandwich with side of baguette!! Why offer baguette with a baguette?! Makes me giggle every single time. Why do people think they want basically one filled sandwich and one plain one!? I digress….

This is a map to show just how close to Canada we were! 30 minutes in medium traffic!

Wedding Part 2:1! 5/14/16

So why Wedding Part 2?

Myself and Hubster married officially on Saturday February 2015 at Eastbourne Town Hall with a small number of friends and family who were available on the day in very short notice. We followed up after our registry office marriage at The Hydro Hotel for afternoon tea.

This was a wonderful day, and achieved what we both wanted. To be husband and wife.The following month Hubster moved to Seattle for his new job. We had already spoken about marrying before he had his job offer, but we planned for 2016 so we could save and plan. However; we needed to be married before he left as he would no longer we a resident of the United Kingdom. According to our local office those were the rule and there was no changing it.

So on Saturday 14th May 2016 we held our my actual wedding. All our friends, all our family, a wonderful beautiful church with the most brilliant Reverend, a spectacular venue and huge dinner and party. I had a beautiful wedding gown, all the men in my life were in top hat and tails and I had my three closest females with me in stunning bridesmaid dresses.

We have not received  our photos yet from our photographer and once we do I’ll share a few on here.

We choose to have a “no photo” policy during our ceremony so there are none from there, but there are few from friends after the ceremony, during the reception and party which they posted on facebook.

We married at St.Peter and St.Paul Church, Hellingly under Reverend David Farey. We first met Rev.David at a wedding fayre in 2015 with his wife, after I had rung him to see if we could have a marriage blessing even though we would live out of the UK and he was a pleasure to talk with. There was no problem at his end, and this made my day. I was so happy. This little church has further meaning to me and my family because I was Christened there 30 years previous! When I am in the UK I attend their Sunday services and have always been made welcome.

From what I can remember is that my gorgeous niece and nephew both struggled to walk down the aisle along so nephew went down with Rev.David?! To his mum and dad and Little Miss was carried by my brother! This meant we kind of messed up walking down, they were too close and I began to stress out, but had my other brother holding my hand so it was all okay! I dread to see the photos from this point!

I’ll write another post once I have the photos about our ceremony.

Following this we headed back to the East Sussex National Golf Course for our drinks reception, photographs and party! We had the lovely Carl Greenwood on piano, Paul Mitchell was our toastmaster and was one of the most amazing people I have ever met, Phil Knapp was our wonderful car driver who took me so carefully to the church and then both of us back to the venue where we met with our perfect photographer Alison Buchanan. We then partied our night away to The Dumb Waiters who ended with Linkin’ Park!

Whilst writing this I think I want to write a separate post for each person because they were all so unbelievably wonderful. I have no regrets with booking any of them, and I highly recommend them all to anyone having a wedding or special occasion in Sussex. I will also be writing up about my lovely hair and make-up ladies and the most honest and truthful bridal store run by a mother and daughter team. My flowers also came from a local business who I used last year, and the church was decorated by some amazing women who I have previously worked with.

The list keeps increasing! I need to write up about each section individually once I have photos!


Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot 05/12/2016

It is almost our wedding part 2 day 😀 We married officially on February 21st 2015, not long before Hubster left for the USA. We had already planned on what I call a “proper wedding”. Now by that I mean, the wedding I had dreamed of. With all the trimmings – photographer, cake, dinner, bridal gown, bridesmaids, etc etc etc – and that day is nearly on us.

We booked the wonderful Alison Buchanan as our photographer. Pop along to her website here. Within the package we booked, we have a pre-wedding shoot. This sounded great to me because if anyone has seen photos of the two of us they are primarily selfies, or silly poses, or not very good!

Alison offers this within packages and meant that we could try different poses together, see what worked, see which felt more comfortable than not. She is brilliant. I cannot recommend Alison enough, she spent a long time walking through the bluebells, lying on the ground, giving us advice and making us feel so comfortable. We had the shoot at our venue, the East Sussex National Golf Course, two days before our wedding. It was very close to the day because Hubster was still in the USA working. I came over 5 weeks before him to finalise wedding pieces.

These are some of the photos we have. I love them all. I simply cannot choose which to have printed.

Our pre wedding

31st Birthday Week 2016

What a great start to my birthday. Joint Spa Day with Sausage at Salish Lodge. The day was much better than expected, the services, staff, venue, and food could not be faulted. It blew all expectations and I really want to go back!

We started the day off in the pools and steam room, for 2 hours before our first treatments. It was really relaxing to drink fruit infused water, lye in warm waters, and visit the steam room. Perfect after a little drive to get there. We were given slippers and a robe to wear and the atmosphere was spectacular. Over looking Snoqualmie Falls added to the day.

I began with a Heated River Rock Massage, given by a gentleman who has Scottish and Welsh roots! I am most definitely going to find somewhere else which does these, it was bliss!

Followed this up with a Honey from Heaven for Hands and Feet, exfoliating arms, legs, hands and feet with a massage. This was really relaxing. I could have fallen asleep if I had had a boring therapist working on me, the lady I had however was really interesting and friendly and I enjoyed talking with her. She also did my next treatment too!

Essential Cellular Facial….basically a facial suited to your skin type. This was the best facial I have ever had, never before have I had my face steamed, extractions (my face is like a teenagers skin since moving!), massage and mask all in the same treatment! Whilst we waited for the mask to soak in, I was also treated to a scalp massage! mmm mmm mmmm

Myself and Sausage then treated ourselves to lunch afterwards, and had pizza and tea!! Over looking the Falls. Still as beautiful as always.

We have always eaten at Prime Steakhouse for everyones birthdays, Hubster, Igloo, Beardy and this lastest time for Sausage too. Cheesecake for dessert as usual for me, and Pork Chop. I can not eat Steak for some reason, it just does not work for my body so I am a little restricted in a steak house!

For my option for food, we were meant to eat at the local bowling alley but there were no lanes so instead we had everyone over to ours and ordered take away pizza!! Had some beautiful flowers too from a friend, bottle of baileys from another and a dressing gown from the B.I.L. Mum sent over some gaiters and a running towel (Yes I needed them both, and was so surprised to learn that she had not spoken to Hubster about it). Hubster got me a guitar stand and camelback thermal flask. Very spoilt and happy me!!



Dinner and Goodbyes 1/28/16-1/29/16

Final days before Mama S leaves to go back to the UK. Of course food was needed! Ages ago we ate at Thai Ginger in Redmond before going to the cinema and I really enjoyed it, so on my suggestion this is where we went.

I choose the Thai Red Curry and was not disappointed. It was amazing. So much so that I have no idea what the other two ate :-S This may well become one of our favourite places to eat out at. We even had some left overs which I had for dinner the next day!

I hate, dislike, no definitely hate being late at airports. I would rather be hours early than arrive on time. I managed my anxiety, we were a little early but not too much. We had enough time to check the gate number, have a coffee and pastry and then walk to clearing. Once we saw that Mama S had entered the area where bags and persons are checked we sent messages to family letting them know she was en route and we went home. Hubster went to work, but I went home.

Fremont Troll 1/24/16 and Leavenworth Road Trip 1/25/16

I have been to Wallingford and saw on the map that Fremont was nearby, therefore I suggested Hubster drove and we parked on the street near to a Record Shop – Jive Times for Mama S to look in for a Journey Record, then we could see the Fremont Troll too!

BIG MISTAKE! Parking was a nightmare and crossing 5 lanes of traffic to exit from the Interstate within 400 metres was hard! Park and Ride next time, Park and Ride!

Thankfully we had a lovely breakfast at Pomegranate Bistro beforehand with Igloo and Sausage, who organised the booking and we ended up in our own private dining room, their Tasting Room. As is usual over here service is brilliant. Servers/waiter/waitresses are always attentive and food is great. Happy people! (Just once I would like to find a bad meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…I don’t mind which but I feel very spoilt that I’ve never had a bad experience.)

The following day we went to Leavenworth. Through the mountains and spectacular views. Of course, the day had to begin with another breakfast out 😀 It took a long time to make a decision. We’ve been here before, The Maltby Cafe, but that was after 8 mile (I think) run. It was easy to choose food then because I was starving. I ate LOADS then. Today I opted for Pancakes and fruit. They worked as leftovers too according to Mama S.

We then began our long drive to Leavenworth. I drove on the way there, leaving it up to Hubster to do the drive back.

Leavenworth is a Bavarian Town and I loved it. I cannot wait to see it in every season, to drive through the pass in each season. It was beautiful with the snow on the sides of the road, seeing skiers coming down the mountain at Steven’s Pass, and then Leavenworth as it came into sight. We had some cracking bratwurst’s, saw a huge teddy bear on a bench, and I went into a 365 day Christmas Store with Mama S. Photos can show this better than I can describe it! Our drive home gave some beautiful sunset views. Shame the car was moving and I only had an iPhone!!

Any visitors we have, we are going here 🙂