Bridle Trails 03/06/2017

Yesterday walking up Wallace Falls wore my legs out, so I did not go up Mount Si with the hiking ladies. Instead going round my local state park, I walked up there which took 40 minutes and met with one of the other hiking ladies and her friends. This meant I did not take many photos because I was too busy talking with new peeps!!

I like Bridle Trails – it is really close by and beautiful. This is a no cycling park, but is dog and horse friendly. We didn’t see either of those today, but there were definitely recent horse activity! There is a large area for horse riding competitions *I think* with seating and lots of places to tie up your horses.

Following a brisk walk around the Coyote Trail which took only an hour, we headed back to one of my new friends homes for coffee and tea. An amazing Chinese tea! So full of flavour but also incredibly smooth. Note to self find out more and where to get this! In August myself and 2 ladies hope to walk and backpack for a couple of nights, so we started looking at dates and areas…..there are many places we want to go to so we have further work to do!

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