Visit from Mama S February 2017

Mama S came to visit last month for just under 3 weeks. We are both working now, so we weren’t able to take her out and about as much as last year, but we passed the Orca card – like a Oyster card in London – which meant she could use the buses.

A little reminder of our trip for me, and her if she’s still reading this 🙂

Max and Marie went in for a bath and groom up the road at The Whole Cat and Kaboodle. This is a wonderful establishment. Nancy and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, but they also have adoptions and boarding capabilities. You can play with the cats! They have lots of grain free foods, litter and other goodies. Our heat reflective catnip cat mats come from there and all proceeds go to feral cats.

Max looked gorgeous in his little bowtie which stayed on for a very long time! He posed repeatedly on the countertop! We played with some of the cats and kittens in the boarding room too.

We had a real mixture of weather whilst Mama S was here, from full blown snow through to sunny through to torrential downpour! Waking up to snow and having a couple of days to enjoy it was really nice.

One place Mama S asked to visit was Salish Lodge and Snoqualmie Falls again. I love these places so that was a definite stop off for us, and we even treated ourselves to a yummy lunch where I had a pizza and cherry pie for dessert…oh and I wasn’t driving so a cheeky cocktail joined the table!

These appear to be all the photos I have from Mama S’ trip! We did have a trip up to the Outlet stores for Valentine’s so I was treated to a new watch, and pair of trousers and a top for work.

It’ll be another year before Mama S comes for another visit.


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