Project 365 Weeks 6 & 7

It is another 2 week write up for me this week. Hubster’s mum came to visit and arrived on the 2nd February and is here for just less than 3 weeks so I’ve not had much time to sit and write up anything. I think for now this Project 365 is mainly a photo diary of my year, the boring and the fun!

Week 6

Day 36 – Happy Birthday night to me, and it is snowing! I don’t think I can ever remember it snowing on my birthday in the UK so this is exciting. Hopefully it continues to settle overnight.

Day 37 – It settled! Local school districts are closed today, but it doesn’t affect me as I don’t work on Monday’s. I went for a wander around our complex with MIL and found the swans on the larger of the lakes.

Day 38 – Another snow day so no work for me today, school districts still closed, and yet the postman (USPS) still made their rounds. A sneak peak at our wedding Thank You’s! Yup…we are 8 months behind.

Day 39 – Double cat watching me on the deck whilst I try to safe some of our potted bulbs after the random snow πŸ™‚

Day 40 – Max Cat … work day so didn’t capture any other photo!

Day 41 – Marie Cat decided she had had enough!

Day 42 – Saturday came so we took a drive out to one of my favourite places, we take all our visitors here! Snoqualmie Falls — Twin Peaks fans, this is the falls in the show!

Week 7

Day 43 – Now it is past Valentine’s Day it is ok to post this. As usual I made Hubster’s card.

Day 44 – In the attempt to stop Marie cat putting on weight whilst we also try to help Max cat put on weight we decided to make it harder for Marie to eat. She dug for food for all of 30 seconds before remembering she is a bully and pushed Max off his bowl. *sigh*

Day 45 – Tried another feeding attempt by putting them out of view of each other in the hopes Marie wouldn’t eat Max’s food. Didn’t work!

Day 46 – I joined Ispy which is a monthly make-up/beauty thingy. This is this months treats! Needed a new mascara and never worn this colour lip-stick so happy days πŸ™‚

Day 47 – Decided to buy a new craft bag as it was in the sale! Very good sale price in Joanns, but then realised it was too small for my crafts…it works perfectly for my make-up though! So now I have it all in one place πŸ™‚

Day 48 – Tried another crochet project, in thread. Made a bookmark for my MIL and really impressed at my first attempt at such small and fiddly crochet stitches.

Day 49 – Saving my plants from the deck worked! I have blooms πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Project 365 Weeks 6 & 7

  1. How nice to get snow on your birthday, I know my September born child moaned she was born at the wrong time of the year for snow and it was unfair as the others got snow for their birthday!!!
    Love your waterfall.
    Crocheting is very delicate and pretty.


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