Project 365 Weeks 4 & 5

This is a two week post up for me today. It is hard to write or blog when the world around you is sad, and when you are also sick. Last week I spent the vast majority of it in bed, sleeping, unwell. Facebook and the news was a full mixture of negativity and positivity. Lots of posts around the Women’s March which had just happened around the world, appeared to divide my Facebook friends and then a week later the protests at US Airports divided the country I live in – again, and for sure not the last time. Bluntly, I am sad. When I am sad and also sick I do not want to do anything, so couldn’t be bothered to write my weekly post. I had my first days off sick from work, but when I returned the following week lots of the children and parents I work with told me they missed me. This really helped my low mood.

My mother in law arrived for a 3 week visit on the 2nd of February and that has also cheered me somewhat. I can’t lounge around being miserable even though I am still quite wiped from this cold, cough, sickness thing I caught. My throat and voice is still not back to normal which is tough when I spend my working job singing!

Here are my photos from the last 2 weeks, with a brief sentence.

Week 4

Day 22 – Bulk colouring with my Spectrum Noir pens so I can make cards more quickly!

Day 23 – Sick day so Epsom Salts are my go to love.

Day 24 – Both Marie and Max managed to get a cat-nip bag each, and take them into separate rooms. I found Marie on the bed hugging hers and Max in his Shark Bed licking his. Wierdos.

Day 25 – Stupidly went to work and left early as still sick. Got into bed, sneezing so the cats went as close as they felt safe!

Day 26 – Vision Board is still not completed, this is the current favourite snooze spot for Marie.

Day 27 – Sick on the couch and I couldn’t find Max, when I called his name he stuck his paw out of the shark!

Day 28 – Hubster brought me some calligraphy pens for Christmas so I finally brought a book and paper for me to practice and learn.

Week 5

Day 29 – New Yarn! We went for a drive, and on the way back we ended up driving past Ben Franklin’s! I have a shawl I wanted to make myself for my works auction in March. Its a challenge, and needed some thin yarn. I treated myself to these two balls. Fingers crossed I can make it in time!

Day 30 – Colouring still, and I have completed my Spectrum Noir set! I love a completed set, whether its a set of books, stamps – I have all the princess set from one of the shops I buy from! – or pens! Completed sets are nice.

Day 31 – A local lady made some Elderberry Syrup and was selling it. It is meant to be good for your immune system and as I take medication as a last resort, I though I would support a local person and buy from her and try something new. It is organic elderberries, local organic honey, cinnamon and ginger. Tastes quite nice!

Day 32 – My mother in law is visiting, and as we only have 2 bedrooms I’ve moved my desk from the “Den” into our bedroom along with any crafting things I might need. So I’ve moved Hubster’s lego display around so I can use some of the shelves too!

Day 33 – Me and Hubster go climbing and have just started a Lead Climbing Course. This is the little rope we have to use this week to clip in as we go up the top rope routes to practice! Exciting and scary. I was exhausted at the end of class. 2 more weeks to go!

Day 34 – Sometimes our cats smell from the litter, and we struggle to get their knots out too. When I really can’t brush them through I take them up for a bath and groom! This is handsome Max with his bow-tie once we got home. They smell of coconut now and are knot free 😀

Day 35 – I fit into my favourite shorts! High waisted ones too! We’ve changed our diet a bit since Christmas. I don’t understand what we’ve changed but something to do with how long it takes from sugars to be absorbed into the body. I still get to eat everything I love though! Cheese, chocolate, crisps etc etc we just have added more things in too.

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 Weeks 4 & 5

  1. Max does look handsome in his bow tie. I’m intrigued by the cat washing – not sure that would go down well here. I think it’s been a depressing couple of weeks worldwide and being ill too can’t help.


  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly and hope you feel better now. Love your colouring – it looks fab! Max does look lovely after his bath.


  3. I feel we often try to go back to work to soon as we feel we should. Hope you are feeling better. Never tried epsom salts myself.
    Oooh look forward to seeing what you make with the wool.
    Wish I had room upstairs for my sewing machine save having to tidy the dining table all the time.
    Love the cats bow tie


  4. I’m going to be saying this all year, I just love your cats. I envy you the climbing, I’m so scared of heights it’s not something I’ll be doing any time soon. I think the whole world feels sad about what’s happening over with you these days. It’s weird that kids of 5-7 over here know who Trump is, I wish it was for a good reason #365


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