Nordic Skiing 01/09/2017

Nordic skiing or Cross Country Skiing is something I’ve been interested in trying, but assumed you needed to be able to ski well! I can snowboard, as can Hubster, and have some skiing experience but not in the last 5 years. It turns out however that you do not need to be able to ski ūüėÄ *happy dance*

Myself, Hubster, Igloo and Sausage headed over to Steven’s Pass on Monday for a Nordic Skiing lesson at 11am, followed by – we hoped – an exploration of the skiing trails.

Due to leave at 8:30 from our friends, we were of course late! We always are¬†late. I know people can hate those of us who are late, but we try not to be, I promise we try! We arrived at the Nordic Skiing place at around 10:30am, with enough time to part, rent our equipment and get kitted out. Nordic Skis are worked out via your weight, I¬†don’t know how much I weigh, but seeing¬†that Igloo and Sausages’¬†skis were 10cm longer than mine and I am sure I weigh more, I¬†must have made a mistake. It was okay though, I could manoeuvre comfortably¬†on them.

Our lesson instructor was Arianha, she was great! A really amazing instructor. In our group were 3 children and 6 adults, and she was able to explain what to do in such as way as the children understood but she did not come across as patronising to us adults.

Nordic Ski Boots are SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than normal ski boots, plus the whole equipment was lighter, so much lighter *happy dance*

During the lesson we learnt how to hop along¬†so we could slide on the skis and travel safely and somewhat speedily along the groomed tracks, we¬†learnt how to snow plough down any little hills we might come across¬†in both the tracks and also when there are none. The lesson was only 1 hour long, but that was long enough. We were in the shade and my goodness… cold! 6F so -15C¬†approximately….I LOVE¬†MY HAND AND TOE WARMERS!¬†Then we were able to head out along the groomed trails on our own.


I have a new winter sport! Our lesson, plus equipment rental, plus full day trail pass cost $50. If we decide to buy our own equipment then we could get a beginners set (boots, skis and poles) for $300!

After a warming lunch we headed to the main groomed trails, we followed the green line which is the easiest and called Main Trail for about 2.5km before heading back. Igloo and Sausage stayed on the Main Trail, whilst Hubster and I did a little detour onto Side Track, a blue trail, so the next level up. This was soo much fun! Lots of little hills, so some downwards trails and snowplough only downhills, we picked up some speed which I loved. We came out back on the Main Trail just in front of Igloo and Sausage so we all headed down together-ish (Hubster and I had a little race to see who finished first!).


These are some photos from Igloo who gave me permission to use some of these ūüôā

Once back we gave back the rental bits and bobs and headed¬†over the Leavenworth, a little Bavarian Town just through the mountain pass. Where we ate a Bratwurst ūüėÄ Leavenworth is a lovely town, I¬†enjoy visiting there and it is¬†a guaranteed place we take our visitors. Winter is beautiful, as is Spring and¬†Autumn. I haven’t been in Summer yet, but maybe this year!

A huge shout out to Igloo for driving us today.

(I’m running out of space on my wordpress media so discovered a new app on my iPhone which I quite like for creating collages and little videos…)

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