Project 365 – Week 2

My week in photos ๐Ÿ™‚

I really enjoyed pinging around other blogs last weekend!

Day 8 – I live in a gated complex community which has 3 lakes and lots of ducks! I ended up stuck behind a lots of ducks who decided as the lakes were frozen they should walk along the road in the rain, so I stopped and started etc in the car, but boy do ducks move fast. I was hooted at by another car who came up behind me whilst I was outside the car clapping my hands and stamping my feet to get the ducks out of the road. One thing which annoys me is people who hoot because they haven’t bothered to look further than their own car bonnet. So I confronted them, which they didn’t like. I shouted and said did they want me to run over the ducks or couldn’t they see them?! They stopped hooting.

Day 9 – we went climbing this evening, Hubby showed the way up a route I kept falling on.

Day 10 – Today was a tough choice, Marie joined me for my yoga practice…very cute, but the daily photo had to be finding a hidden Cadburys chocolate bar on top of the bookcase! Cadburys from the home land (UK) is gold in this house! Care packages of cadburys, Jaffa cakes, ย monster munch and prawn cocktail walkers are always loved!

Day 11 – I’m going back to piano lessons to really focus on more “classical” – said with the loosest of term – pieces. These are two of the books I took with me. Hubster went for his first ever piano lesson today too. The pros of working in a music school for my day job!

Day 12 – A long and kind of stressful day at work, so I hadn’t taken any photos. I parked opposite home and saw Marie watching from the bedroom window.

Day 13 – I joined ipsy and this was my first surprised package of make up and beauty products.

Day 14 – Saturday morning hike today. See here for more photos and full post. This is Rattlesnake Ledge, one I’ve not done before. Short and fun, which turned into a not so fun one due to all the ice on the trail.

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 2

  1. I am so sorry for not finding you last week , I promise to be a better commenting project 365 blogger from now on! I am having a hunch that you live either in Canada or USA so i9 will investigate in a moment. Rattlesnake Ledge looks amazing – the views alone are worth the trek I would have thought. your care packages sound great, lovely of friends and family to send them to you – lovely reminders of home x


    1. Oh don’t worry! I’m doing a two week catch up blog wander as didn’t manage very many last week! Yes I am now in the USA. When I first found this linky blog a few years back I was in the UK and studying..I’ve stayed in since then! ๐Ÿ™‚ So many lovely friends and the best family too. ๐Ÿ™‚ x


  2. well I suppose a frozen pond is not much fun when you are a creature that swims.
    Love the mountains and chuckled at the name, are there any rattle snakes there?
    A gated community sounds very futuristic horror movie stuff.


    1. I assumed they would migrate somewhere warmer! Even the Hummingbirds have stayed, so I’ve kept putting food out for them this winter. There are some cracking names around these parts…with no apparent reasons why! Dirty Harry’s Peak is a favourite…who is Harry and why was he dirty?!
      Need a swipe card to get through the gates and everything! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Had to laugh at your ‘care packages’! Our son in Australia has already sent a list of goodies he wants us to take over in June!!
    Good for you telling off the inconsiderate driver.


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