The Antics of Max and Marie….1

It is currently 12:35am on a Friday morning and we aka Hubster has just cleared up after Max the daft monster cat again! This time thankfully he isn’t sick – blood works came back from the vet following the weekends sickness and poonami explosion – instead he ran out the litter box. 

The reason for this fast getaway — Marie, the she-beast cuddle wimp, decided to half enter the litter box whilst her brother from another mother was doing his business. How do I know this….going to the loo is a family event. Marie bopped him on the nose. She didn’t even want to use it. This led to me calling Hubster to remove her so Max could finish, but we were too slow. 

I said that he hadn’t finished, but nooo I was not believed, of course not! 

Me : What is Marie doing on the stairs? Why is she walking down the steps like that?  What is that near the bottom? I bet it’s poop. 

Hubster : Naa….oh, yep

Me : I TOLD YOU SO, I’M RIGHT! *fist bump in the air*

You guessed it Max leapt out the litter box midway through a dump, leaving part of it behind on the stairs and continuing to wipe his behind on my Christmas piano. Cheers boy

This has prompted me to consider posting about their stoopid, daft, pain in the butt yet lovable soppy ways because they make me laugh. Plus our lives are pretty boring! 

The lights are now off, Hubster did a cracking clear up job, and we’ve got Max at the bottom of the bed and Marie on the beside table.


Marie ignoring Max!

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