Project 365 – Week 1

It is another year, and another attempt!

Here is my week in photos ๐Ÿ™‚

I considered how much I wanted to write when I do these posts, and I think the reason I have struggled to complete previously is because I put too much pressure on myself. So I’m reducing it this year, if the photos have been used in another post I’m going to link to it so you can read more ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 1 – It was 31F on New Years Day so I did not leave the house! This is the view from our back windows and I love seeing the snow settling on the ground. (I’m still not used to temperature in Fahrenheit and still think inย Celsius!)

Day 2 – We went out for a late brunch with Igloo and Sausage who sometimes appear in my blog, all the way to Issaquah to the Flat Iron Grill. Yummy Quinoa Salad for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I also found a yarn shop…..eeek roll on pay day!

Day 3 – First hike of the year…Franklin Falls, WA – more details hereย ย – this was beautiful hike, the falls will not remain frozen for much longer and I missed them last year so I was please to make it out…it was 23F though, my hands did not thank me for taking any photos!

Day 4 – Furbaby 1!! Marie, or chunky monkey, or pain in the butt!! Our domestic long hair female. In this photo she is trying to tell me she is hungry, underfed, starving…I can assure everyone that this chunky monkey is none of those things!

Day 5 – Indoor climbing, and my face says it all I think. I was not in the mood, it was cold, I was cold, I did not have the energy and when I’m not in the right mood my climbing really sucks and I become disheartened and frustrated. Yup…

Day 6 – Furbaby 2! Max the Maincoon boy. This face…shucks, I’m hooked! Our cats are so completely different, which I love! He was giving me this face because Marie had taken the top tier on the cat tree looking out the window and that is usually his daytime sleeping spot ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 7 – Max the cat was ill from Friday afternoon all through Saturday night, this photo is Marie on the bed with me in the early hours of Saturday morning. As we weren’t sure why Max was sick – both ends – and wasn’t drinking or eating, we separated them. Unfortunately we spoil out furbabies, and they always sleep in or on the bed with us. That means if they cannot then they cry, scratch or bash the door, and then pee the floor due to stress. So Hubster slept in the spare room with poorly Max and I slept in our bedroom with Marie. No duvet as Max had been sick on it, so I’m covered in blankets to stay warm. Marie decided she was not going to leave my side all night and snuggled up close until 6am when she woke and cried at the room Hubster was in. ย We had a trip to the vets with Max, he was given fluids, and blood taken. The vet thinks he ate something he shouldn’t. Thankfully he has started to eat some more, he lost 1.5lbs though so we have to help him gain some more weight. He was underweight when we got him so it’s been a slow journey trying to increase his weight, whilst trying to stop Marie continuing to gain weight! I’m just pleased he is feeling better.

I’m off to blog hop around now!

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26 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 1

  1. Poor Max, hope he recovers soon, cats by their very nature eat allsorts. Does Maria sleep on the top to wind Max up because she knows it is his place.
    Love the frozen waterfall.
    Glad you have decided to join us again, and yes please do it the way that suits you. Some people just write the once sentence so how much is an individual choice.


  2. Your poor cat! That sounds horrible. Hope he is on the mend now. You’re both very kind to the cats. My husband would barely let poorly children in bed, let alone poorly animals!
    23F is very cold to be taking photos without gloves!


  3. Lovely to meet you via Project 365
    I do envy the snow, even just a little bit would be good and certainly keep the kids happy!
    Love the photo of the frozen waterfall, that must be quite stunning!
    I hope Max gets better soon
    Good luck with the project!


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