Max Cat

Not long after we moved to the States we put some feelers out for a Maine Coon cat, we were offered a kitten by someone, but then she never responded to our replies and aren’t too sure what happened there…but let’s think of it as fate…because in August we heard back from someone else who was retiring her stud, a 3 year old silver grey boy.

Oh yes we did!! Some how without even realising it we’ve ended up with two very big cats! A pure main coon and a large domestic long hair!

We didn’t rename Max, and he was about 10lb when we got him and he is also around 12.5lbs now. He is very playful, and loves to sit on our heads when we sleep or snuggle up right between us at night whilst his sister sleeps down by our feet. He is desperate to snuggle with Marie, and play with her! She isn’t as keen though…they have recently (end of december) started to chase each other around the house, up and down the stairs and under the bed in a really friendly way which is great. She is not impressed when Max tries to sleep right next to her, but did allow him to groom her! Yay Marie.

I think I need to start a whole separate section where I can just add photos of the cats together! They are pretty cute after all 🙂

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