Franklin Falls 03/01/2017

First hike of the year and it was a cold one! 23F!

Franklin Falls is one which had been on my radar since last year, I saw the beautiful frozen falls online and wanted to go but just did not manage it. This year I did!! A quickly organised hike which means one we decided on 2 nights before hand. It was myself and one of my usual hiking ladies, the other one was struck down by the dreaded headache monster *boo*

The journey in the car was an easy one, down the 405 onto the I90 all the way towards Snoqualmie Pass. It is a journey I’ve done and been on multiple times, but have never stopped off to do this hike, or any of the others nearby. There is a camping site there, so maybe in the summer…..

The drive to the trail head was okay, we did not go all the way along just incase we could not get there, turn around, or get back out! So we parked up near to where 4 other cars were and got ready to walk!

It was SO cold, so cold! Very cold! I struggled to get my boots done up, and put on my gaiters and microspikes. Then I struggled to warm my fingers up enough to get my gloves on with my hand warmers in. SUCCESS!

Off we went, up the road and towards the trail head. Once we hit the trail it was a easy and quiet route, the trail had been packed down tightly so we did not need our snowshoes (we had already made the decision to leave those in the car) but microscopes were definitely needed. It was a beautiful trail, snow white snow, trees, quietness and friendly company.

I used the Hubster’s camera and I did not realise that I needed to change the settings so my photos are all tinted blue unfortunately, but they never show the real life beauty and beauty this trail is.

The Falls were almost completely frozen, there was a beautiful waterfall where the water flowed over the top and down. The icicles where huge and an amazing colour of greens, blues and whites.

The walk back down went very quickly, and I was very thankful that I was wearing my microspikes. I had recently brought Kahtoola Microspikes and they were the best $70 I’ve spent in a long time! No slipping on the packed snow or the ice, and felt very secure walking the whole way.

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