Marie Cat

So we picked up our first cat Marie back in June from Petco. She was advertised as a 5 year old domestic long hair, and she was lovely. A bit skinny but lovely, and interested in us! We visited the vets who weighed her at 10lbs and disagreed with the age and put her around 3 years instead….that answers why she wants to play so much!

Fast forward to January 2017 and she has been both a blessing and a pain in the butt!! It took her a long time to take to our 2nd cat who we introduced to the family end of August, and at times really worried me that we wouldn’t be able to have both cats, but thankfully they tolerate each other. Which means, Marie grumps every now and then, but will sleep on the same bed as our other cat!

Here are some photos of our monster, she-beast, loving baby cat girl! Looking at these, she has definitely put weight on since coming to us. Chunky monster 😀 She’s 12.5lbs now!


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