2017 begins


Well, it has been a while since I did any blogging on here.  Life took over, or maybe I became lazy. Who knows?!

I could do two things today –

  1. write up a few posts in a rush to cover the last few months. Wedding, Hikes, Wedding again, friends came and visited, an up date on our new home we moved into in September, the addition of another cat, etc etc
  2.  Start afresh now, today for 2017 and see if I can find time each week to do a write up.

Number two is likely where I am going to begin, although I can not forget our other addition to the family, so I’m going to write a Marie Gordon and Max Gordon post for our two completely odd-ball, silly, munchkin cats!

Welcome to 2017, a fresh start on here, and what I hope will be an exciting year in the Gordon’s life. We have friends visiting, my best friends wedding in October back in the UK, I hope to further progress professionally, and I’m looking forward to hiking, and visiting other states. I’d also really like my home to finish being modernised *haha*

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