Wedding Part 2:1! 5/14/16

So why Wedding Part 2?

Myself and Hubster married officially on Saturday February 2015 at Eastbourne Town Hall with a small number of friends and family who were available on the day in very short notice. We followed up after our registry office marriage at The Hydro Hotel for afternoon tea.

This was a wonderful day, and achieved what we both wanted. To be husband and wife.The following month Hubster moved to Seattle for his new job. We had already spoken about marrying before he had his job offer, but we planned for 2016 so we could save and plan. However; we needed to be married before he left as he would no longer we a resident of the United Kingdom. According to our local office those were the rule and there was no changing it.

So on Saturday 14th May 2016 we held our my actual wedding. All our friends, all our family, a wonderful beautiful church with the most brilliant Reverend, a spectacular venue and huge dinner and party. I had a beautiful wedding gown, all the men in my life were in top hat and tails and I had my three closest females with me in stunning bridesmaid dresses.

We have not received  our photos yet from our photographer and once we do I’ll share a few on here.

We choose to have a “no photo” policy during our ceremony so there are none from there, but there are few from friends after the ceremony, during the reception and party which they posted on facebook.

We married at St.Peter and St.Paul Church, Hellingly under Reverend David Farey. We first met Rev.David at a wedding fayre in 2015 with his wife, after I had rung him to see if we could have a marriage blessing even though we would live out of the UK and he was a pleasure to talk with. There was no problem at his end, and this made my day. I was so happy. This little church has further meaning to me and my family because I was Christened there 30 years previous! When I am in the UK I attend their Sunday services and have always been made welcome.

From what I can remember is that my gorgeous niece and nephew both struggled to walk down the aisle along so nephew went down with Rev.David?! To his mum and dad and Little Miss was carried by my brother! This meant we kind of messed up walking down, they were too close and I began to stress out, but had my other brother holding my hand so it was all okay! I dread to see the photos from this point!

I’ll write another post once I have the photos about our ceremony.

Following this we headed back to the East Sussex National Golf Course for our drinks reception, photographs and party! We had the lovely Carl Greenwood on piano, Paul Mitchell was our toastmaster and was one of the most amazing people I have ever met, Phil Knapp was our wonderful car driver who took me so carefully to the church and then both of us back to the venue where we met with our perfect photographer Alison Buchanan. We then partied our night away to The Dumb Waiters who ended with Linkin’ Park!

Whilst writing this I think I want to write a separate post for each person because they were all so unbelievably wonderful. I have no regrets with booking any of them, and I highly recommend them all to anyone having a wedding or special occasion in Sussex. I will also be writing up about my lovely hair and make-up ladies and the most honest and truthful bridal store run by a mother and daughter team. My flowers also came from a local business who I used last year, and the church was decorated by some amazing women who I have previously worked with.

The list keeps increasing! I need to write up about each section individually once I have photos!


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