Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot 05/12/2016

It is almost our wedding part 2 day 😀 We married officially on February 21st 2015, not long before Hubster left for the USA. We had already planned on what I call a “proper wedding”. Now by that I mean, the wedding I had dreamed of. With all the trimmings – photographer, cake, dinner, bridal gown, bridesmaids, etc etc etc – and that day is nearly on us.

We booked the wonderful Alison Buchanan as our photographer. Pop along to her website here. Within the package we booked, we have a pre-wedding shoot. This sounded great to me because if anyone has seen photos of the two of us they are primarily selfies, or silly poses, or not very good!

Alison offers this within packages and meant that we could try different poses together, see what worked, see which felt more comfortable than not. She is brilliant. I cannot recommend Alison enough, she spent a long time walking through the bluebells, lying on the ground, giving us advice and making us feel so comfortable. We had the shoot at our venue, the East Sussex National Golf Course, two days before our wedding. It was very close to the day because Hubster was still in the USA working. I came over 5 weeks before him to finalise wedding pieces.

These are some of the photos we have. I love them all. I simply cannot choose which to have printed.

Our pre wedding

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