Oyster Dome 04/01/16

This was my last hike before I headed back to the UK. Oyster Dome. Somewhere I had not heard of, nor knew where it was.

This was just under 2 hours drive, and we all drove in one car. Hubster dropped me off at one of the Park and Rides, partly because I didn’t know where it was but also what I read online said it would be really busy/full by the time we were meeting.

My usual hiking buddies, plus another friend of theirs. I like that through hiking I meet different women, different backgrounds, different cultures and different life experiences.

This was one beautiful day, with a beautiful view up top. I read the reports on WTA (Washington Trail Association) before any hikes and noted that it can get very busy and that they are very quick to tow your car if left incorrectly! No signs up along the road though. We were ok, it was not too busy.

IMG_1934I simply cannot remember too much about our hike up, I know that some of the view points along the way had the potential to be beautiful but all we saw was mist. However, coming down was an entirely different and those same view points were spectacular.

This write up is definitely more of a photo journal! These first photos are of the trail up and down, with a pretty lonesome white flower and a leaf which someone turned into a smiley face.

This next set are of the view, with the mist rolling out to give spectacular clear sights. We spent about 2 hours sat up at the top sunbathing and chatting.

Of course a couple of selfies on our way up! This is quite near to where the Tulips bloom and next year I hope to go to Tulip Town to see them. Happy hiking!

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