Wallace Falls 2/16/16

Two hikes this week 🙂 Off to another falls today, a later start and I’m carpooling with another lady so am meeting in a carpark at 8:30am. This is another hike which will not take all day, and I’m enjoying having the rest of my afternoon to do something else. Sleep, eat….crochet a baby blanket for my friend!

Today three of us went to Wallace Falls, just under a 6 mile round trip.

We all chatted along the trail so I’m struggling to remember what the path actually was like, but I am pretty sure it was well maintained and non muddy. I didn’t slip over, and my trousers weren’t covered in mud!

There were a few stops along the way at view points of the falls and river, with seats and places to stop for a longer break or sandwiches. We crossed a bridge to start with and that was the point at which I realised I did not have my camera, and therefore needed to use my phone. Which of course, I knew was nearly at capacity for storage. *sigh*

The lower, initial start of the trail was easy going and at each view point it began to get a little harder. There were small signs which noted whether the next section was “more difficult” “difficult” etc

The rain kindly held off for us, and I got hot so for the first time since before Christmas I was able to hike without a coat on. This made me quite happy as must mean Spring is on its way…woohoo!

This is another hike I would like to go back to when the sky is clear. It was beautiful to see on a cloudy day, but again there were points through the trees where we could have seen some spectacular views but the clouds were in the way!!

We were almost the only people on this trail. We saw a couple of people on our way up, and then some smaller groups as we neared the bottom. Easy drive out there, so I feel comfortable going that way again by myself, but of course it is nicer to share a ride with someone else. Even better if there is a gorgeous black lab in the back 😀

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