Teneriffe Falls 2/15/16

6am my alarm went off! 6am! I couldn’t believe it. Up before Hubster, and actually up. Today he is off to Steven’s Pass for a day on his board with Beardy on his skis. It was a rainy morning which continued into a rainy day, but what a good morning it was! I really enjoyed my second hike with these ladies. It is really nice to go with a group of people, who enjoy something similar to you and come from all walks of life.

Having driven down to North Bend a few weeks back to Little Si, I was confident I could find Teneriffe Falls…I missed it! Somehow, but I did find the Mount Si car park. Once I had continued up the road a little bit I saw some cars on the left and pulled over and parked up.

Seeing a large groups of ladies I must have been in the right spot. I was very pleased to be able to wear one of my birthday presents from mum – gaiters – as part way up I needed them!


This trail was relatively short at 6 miles long, which was great because I needed to be back in Kirkland by 1pm latest. This was a rocky, non snowy, trail which appeared to be well maintained with a clear route. I was pleased I had my poles, especially for the downhill. The WTA description was accurate and the section with the elevation definitely had the elevation! This would have been an easy scramble up a path, but due to the amount of rain we have had recently this scramble became a “water covering your shoes as you scramble through flowing water” scramble. Some of the group went ahead to make sure it was okay to continue.

We then had a few 20(?) switch backs until we reached a viewpoint for the lower section of the falls.

There were only a few more switch backs up to the view point for the upper falls, so of course we continued upwards. The falls are beautiful, very full because of all the rain lately and we got soaked from the splash back from the falls.

Between the trees we could see what could be beautiful views, however mist, cloud cover, and rain prevented those! I will certainly be doing this hike on another day, and hoping that the skies are clear. Parking is complicated in the lot and it fills up very quickly so I think the plan will be to hike in from another trailhead…..maybe Mount Si.

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