Little Si 1/22/16

Sometimes I find myself wanting to go out hiking but not knowing the areas nearby well enough, and not wanting to go solo I was at a loss of what to do. Weekends do not always work out well, and other times the weather might be poor. I have 3 days during the week I find myself a little lonely, I have yoga which I go to but that can be the only socialising I do. So I joined a facebook group which is geared towards female hikers.

This was one of the best things I have done, second to joining a running club. Not only did many women offer to meet me for lunch or coffee, just drop them a line, but there was a hike on a Friday which was not a strenuous one, but one which I had seen mentioned a few time. So I plucked up the courage and went!

Little Si it is called. I needed a Discovery Pass for my car to be able to park in the car park and as we will use it regularly and it covers two cars we bought a yearly one for $30.

I met with 3 other ladies. 2 with their pooches, gorgeous black labs, and 1 like me – no pooch! It was a great short hike. There was no snow nor ice so no specialist equipment or shoes required, just my hiking boots. The path was clear of any branches, and was not too wet from the rain we’ve been having. It was a little rocky but nothing too challenging.

I didn’t manage to take many photographs because we talked the whole way up and down. We stopped at the top and ate some food, when the wind blew hard and brought some rain!

It took 1 hour 27 minutes to reach the top, and 1 hour 3 minutes to reach the bottom. This is a trail I would be happy doing by myself and I aim for Autumn to run this up. We came across 2 trail runners with their dogs, so it is quite a popular one.

I really enjoyed talking to 3 women about anything which took our fancy, there was a little bit of introducing ourselves to each other but that was expected! I’m looking forward to going on some more hikes with these ladies and others too. Especially during the week days. Unless I dress Hubster up in a long hair and make him look like a woman! 😀

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