31st Birthday Week 2016

What a great start to my birthday. Joint Spa Day with Sausage at Salish Lodge. The day was much better than expected, the services, staff, venue, and food could not be faulted. It blew all expectations and I really want to go back!

We started the day off in the pools and steam room, for 2 hours before our first treatments. It was really relaxing to drink fruit infused water, lye in warm waters, and visit the steam room. Perfect after a little drive to get there. We were given slippers and a robe to wear and the atmosphere was spectacular. Over looking Snoqualmie Falls added to the day.

I began with a Heated River Rock Massage, given by a gentleman who has Scottish and Welsh roots! I am most definitely going to find somewhere else which does these, it was bliss!

Followed this up with a Honey from Heaven for Hands and Feet, exfoliating arms, legs, hands and feet with a massage. This was really relaxing. I could have fallen asleep if I had had a boring therapist working on me, the lady I had however was really interesting and friendly and I enjoyed talking with her. She also did my next treatment too!

Essential Cellular Facial….basically a facial suited to your skin type. This was the best facial I have ever had, never before have I had my face steamed, extractions (my face is like a teenagers skin since moving!), massage and mask all in the same treatment! Whilst we waited for the mask to soak in, I was also treated to a scalp massage! mmm mmm mmmm

Myself and Sausage then treated ourselves to lunch afterwards, and had pizza and tea!! Over looking the Falls. Still as beautiful as always.

We have always eaten at Prime Steakhouse for everyones birthdays, Hubster, Igloo, Beardy and this lastest time for Sausage too. Cheesecake for dessert as usual for me, and Pork Chop. I can not eat Steak for some reason, it just does not work for my body so I am a little restricted in a steak house!

For my option for food, we were meant to eat at the local bowling alley but there were no lanes so instead we had everyone over to ours and ordered take away pizza!! Had some beautiful flowers too from a friend, bottle of baileys from another and a dressing gown from the B.I.L. Mum sent over some gaiters and a running towel (Yes I needed them both, and was so surprised to learn that she had not spoken to Hubster about it). Hubster got me a guitar stand and camelback thermal flask. Very spoilt and happy me!!



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