Fremont Troll 1/24/16 and Leavenworth Road Trip 1/25/16

I have been to Wallingford and saw on the map that Fremont was nearby, therefore I suggested Hubster drove and we parked on the street near to a Record Shop – Jive Times for Mama S to look in for a Journey Record, then we could see the Fremont Troll too!

BIG MISTAKE! Parking was a nightmare and crossing 5 lanes of traffic to exit from the Interstate within 400 metres was hard! Park and Ride next time, Park and Ride!

Thankfully we had a lovely breakfast at Pomegranate Bistro beforehand with Igloo and Sausage, who organised the booking and we ended up in our own private dining room, their Tasting Room. As is usual over here service is brilliant. Servers/waiter/waitresses are always attentive and food is great. Happy people! (Just once I would like to find a bad meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…I don’t mind which but I feel very spoilt that I’ve never had a bad experience.)

The following day we went to Leavenworth. Through the mountains and spectacular views. Of course, the day had to begin with another breakfast out 😀 It took a long time to make a decision. We’ve been here before, The Maltby Cafe, but that was after 8 mile (I think) run. It was easy to choose food then because I was starving. I ate LOADS then. Today I opted for Pancakes and fruit. They worked as leftovers too according to Mama S.

We then began our long drive to Leavenworth. I drove on the way there, leaving it up to Hubster to do the drive back.

Leavenworth is a Bavarian Town and I loved it. I cannot wait to see it in every season, to drive through the pass in each season. It was beautiful with the snow on the sides of the road, seeing skiers coming down the mountain at Steven’s Pass, and then Leavenworth as it came into sight. We had some cracking bratwurst’s, saw a huge teddy bear on a bench, and I went into a 365 day Christmas Store with Mama S. Photos can show this better than I can describe it! Our drive home gave some beautiful sunset views. Shame the car was moving and I only had an iPhone!!

Any visitors we have, we are going here 🙂



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