Dinner and Goodbyes 1/28/16-1/29/16

Final days before Mama S leaves to go back to the UK. Of course food was needed! Ages ago we ate at Thai Ginger in Redmond before going to the cinema and I really enjoyed it, so on my suggestion this is where we went.

I choose the Thai Red Curry and was not disappointed. It was amazing. So much so that I have no idea what the other two ate :-S This may well become one of our favourite places to eat out at. We even had some left overs which I had for dinner the next day!

I hate, dislike, no definitely hate being late at airports. I would rather be hours early than arrive on time. I managed my anxiety, we were a little early but not too much. We had enough time to check the gate number, have a coffee and pastry and then walk to clearing. Once we saw that Mama S had entered the area where bags and persons are checked we sent messages to family letting them know she was en route and we went home. Hubster went to work, but I went home.

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