First visitor to our new home! 1/14/16 -1/29/16

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy in the Gordon household!  We welcomed Mama S, who came for her first visit over here and her first holiday abroad in a little while! She is with us for 2 weeks, and hope she’ll have a great time. Edit: she did!!

It took us a while to find each other at Sea-Tac but we did….on a side note, I DROVE!! All the way to the airport for the first time, and back again 😀 *happy dance*

Airport wanderings

The following day we drove out to an outlet shopping mall. We have two near to us, around North Bend and up towards Marysville. Having a look at what brands and shops were available we opted for the Seattle Premium Outlet in Marysville.

I like shopping…Hubster doesn’t like shopping…Mama S enjoyed shopping…

SUCCESS was reached!

UGG store for Mama S, and Salomon store for us. That was a surprise, crazy good sale going on in there. I appear to have lost my snowboarding helmet so was waiting for the end of season sale and would pick one up cheaply, but managed to get a pink one which will match my gear. Is that important? HAHAHA of course it is, for me anyway.   We both managed to get a new pair of running trail shoes. Hubster has the identical pair to what he already has so they are under the bed until he needs to swap over. I opted for trail specific running ones. Same brand, and style as both my current ones (more suited to rougher terrain) and my hiking boots, but these are light weight, specified for soft, wet, mud, quick drying. Perfect for the trails around here, even more when part of the trail requires some path/road running too. You never have too many running tops so crazy cheap orange T.shirt 😀

Of course we needed to take Mama S to our local Marina. Kirkland around sunset is beautiful. The views across the lake amaze me, no matter how many times I see it. At times I stand in awe about the fact my local area includes vast landscapes, mountain ranges, national parks, waterfronts, friendly people and a slow moving and therefore less stressful day to day life. My backyard is hiking, running and walking. I could get out more, of course! It’s only been 4 months. There is time.

We ensured that Mama S could get around on the bus whilst we were at work, or out and about with people (running club winter party and runs, hiking with ladies, needing to do work planning) we already had planned so she explored Bellevue, Kirkland and Downtown Seattle.

We ate out a lot, and also had a road trip down to Leavenworth which I’ll write about separately.

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