West Summit Snoqualmie 12/30/15

Bam! Snowboards are out, and we are ready!

It took less than an hour from ours to West Summit. We went along the I-90 and took my baby girl for a spin to the mountains. She did brilliantly…didn’t get to try out her out in snow mode as the roads were clear the entire way up.

It was not too busy on the slopes, which were wide and well looked after. I class myself as an experienced beginner…I like to take it slowish and enjoy the board down, I’m happy on Green and Blue runs mainly and might occasionally but accidentally end up on Reds which I can get down after a weeks holiday! These were pretty much Green and Blue but Hubster found an “easy” Black with moguls. The sky was clear, and it was such a lovely day. There is a shuttle bus which takes you between West, Central and East Summit’s. So we visited Central Summit which seemed similar…longer lifts maybe?!

We are looking forward to going again soon, and also to go further afield to Steven’s Pass.


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