Boxing Day 2015

Boxing Day morning was a slow one. For some reason – probably because we stayed overnight at friends – we were up early. Way to early! Before Igloo and Sausage woke up. So after a shower I had fun playing their piano.

I really miss having a piano to play around on, but at least I now have a guitar 😀 I have recently downloaded Guitar Tabs on the iPad and am enjoying getting used to reading chords over words.

Anywhoo…onwards to Boxing Day. Igloo found us in the kitchen having sourced Tea and Milk! Sausage was taken a cup of coffee and emerged soon after then it was BREAKFAST TIME!  Phone was upstairs charging so no breakfast pics – Hubster thinks I’m turning into a closet hipster anyway so maybe this is a good thing.

English Muffins and Jam fueled us for an agreed journey to Snoqualmie Falls. This is somewhere I had wanted to go, but hadn’t yet and we assumed being Boxing Day it would not be very busy. It gave my Jeep her first proper outing, with 2 adults in the back and roads with a 40+ speed limit! She did good, comfortable and warm with clear skies above. I have an almost full coverage skylight in the Jeep 😀


Oh dear Brits, how wrong we were. Boxing Day is a British thing and not an American one. It was quite busy and we had planned on having lunch in The Attic at Salish Lodge, so before heading to the Falls we made a reservation. Approx 40 minutes to wait, a good system though as they send a sms once your table is ready and you have 10-15 minutes to make it back before they give it to the next person.

We were able to see the Falls, and wander a little way. I am looking forward to going back, and this is one place on the list for taking visitors when they come.

Lunch was divine. I had chicken pot pie in a skillet and it was the best chicken pie I’ve ever had I think! Chamomile Tea on the side for me. We were lucky to have a table for 4 buy the windows which overlooked the Falls. We weren’t rushed to finish, even though we know it was busy. Our server was very busy and I don’t think he stopped moving even once the whole time we were there!

Dessert, oh dessert. I tried so very hard to resist, but I do indeed have a dessert stomach. Whilst Hubster visited the restroom, Igloo ordered his and I caved; completely caved in a snap of the fingers and I found myself ordering a Cherry Pie. OMG!!! This little pie wasn’t a pie where there is only the top crust, this had pastry the WHOLE way around, and came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It took about 10 minutes to come because they are cooked to order. Really worth the wait!


I will be returning 😀 You can stay here, and they also have a spa so maybe this is a place to go to as a celebration, or general pamper day. Who knows…..


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