Christmas Day 2015

This was not our first Christmas Day spent away from our families. We agreed a couple of years ago when we first moved in together that we would alternate between a Christmas for Us and a Christmas with Family. We are lucky  because both our families – parents and siblings on both sides – live in the same town, where we both grew up. That means we can see them all on the same day when we are in the area!


Last year, Christmas 2014, we were back home so this year was meant to be a Christmas for Us anyway. However, last year we didn’t yet know we would be out of the country and living 8 hours behind everyone!

Christmas morning for us was spent on FaceTime talking with families and friends. My niece is 14 months old now, so this year she had more awareness of what was happening. I knew I was going to miss her this year, but underestimated just how much. There were already some photos on facebook of her in a cute Christmas outfit and a pink infant sized baby grand piano!

My brother, his gf, my niece and my youngest brother were all having Christmas dinner at my mums so we planned to talk about 6pm GMT, 10am PST. I was thrilled that they had waited until I was on the phone to open their gifts from us. I bought my niece a small number of percussion instruments which she jingled and banged 😀 I think she might be the next musician in the family!

Everyone had a lovely day, they all got what they asked for. Fitbit’s, Xbox voucher, mani + pedi and DVD.

After calling my family, we spoke with some of Hubster’s family. His brother and his gf. Two very happy people with food, drink and love. They all kindly sent us large bars of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bars – THANK YOU! My mother in law made us a New Home cross-stitch sampler and little red robin tree hanger.

Lego seems to be a theme for the men on my in laws side. Both brother in laws received lego, plus our nephew has a box of lego enroute to him! Hubster received some from me too.

We had an unusual gift giving experience in our direct family of two. I received a pair of baby pink converses (love love love!) and a Microsoft band 2, which needs to be returned for the small size. Absolutely thrilled as they were the two things I really wanted. There were some added extras of ink pads, embossing powders and a heat tool plus chocolate! I was further spoiled, because on Christmas Eve we were in our local town and decided to pop into the large guitar shop and see about replacing my guitar which died a death whilst in transit over from the UK. So I also received a cute thin sized acoustic electric Hanez guitar.

We really like hiking, snow-sports and being outdoors and although Hubster has a silly lovely car it does not get us to those places! So we have invested in a second car which will be primarily mine as it is smaller and also less to handle. It allows us to take people out and about in the back seats aswell!! I am very excited to say I now have my own baby! A beautiful lifted Jeep Cherokee 4 wheel drive 🙂 I can not wait for us to get a safety man safety box set up for the boot, full of blankets, warm clothes, tow ropes, axe, snow chains and food and water, so we can go out in the snow and find winter hikes and snowboarding. Also all year round because we have the 4 wheel drive capacity so many routes will become accessible again. Happy spoilt us!


As an added bonus I was also able to speak to my closest friends – The T’s and her mum and dad too! Their little girl is now 2 years old and I’ve seen her since birth so it was lovely seeing and hearing about her day. They also had a little girl in November who I haven’t met, obviously! So I met her for the first time and she was sooo cute! I cannot wait to have hugs with that little girl in 4.5 months, with both little girls actually. If Mummy T is lucky I’ll also give her a huge hug too!! She will be one of my bridesmaids in May, and has been a rock when I’ve been homesick and down or frustrated despite having her own rocky patches to deal with at home herself. She is someone to aspire to.

This is a  much longer post than I planned for!

Christmas afternoon involved heading to Igloo and Sausages home for dinner, cocktails and boardgames. The food was divine, the company amazing and the setting festive!  I could write much more, but photos will have to suffice — I hope :-S



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