12K’s of Christmas 12/20/15

Well I thought it would be a good idea to do the 12K’s of Christmas in Kirkland. It would up my distance to 12km approx. 7.4 miles I think, and that would set me up well for January and being almost at my 10 miles. This was on Sunday 20th December and there were some positives and negatives about this run, which I won’t get into on here. I did complain on their facebook page though. Running out of water on a 12km run I don’t think is acceptable when most people sign up online, in advance.

We both ran this one, we also did a short run on Saturday with East Side Runners of 5km nearby to our home. It was nice to have a weekend run with other people again, it has been a while since we were available on a Saturday morning.

What I really liked about this run is that it was chip timed. A little orange counter tag tied onto our shoes so we were able to get a really specific individual time.

I have never run this distance before, and I found myself struggling with temperature and then losing my energy levels. I need to find some place that might do a talk about nutrition or find some decent websites which can help.

I found that I started off really cold, then I heated up so I was almost too hot, and then from about 9km I began to get cold again. From about 8km I found myself getting hungry and then really thirsty so I almost drank all my water – given that they ran out of water on the stations I wasn’t surprised as couldn’t grab a top up from a cup earlier – and I lost energy. My mapmyrun showed my lap times. My legs felt that they became really heavy after 10km.  It’ll be interesting to see how I do in January, I think I have an 8 mile near New Year and then 10 miles at Bridle Trails Park a week afterwards.

Positives though were that I completed this run!! In less than 90 minutes with a time of 1 hour 22 minutes. No official photos from this race as it cost $40 to enter (yes I missed the early bird) and then it was $19.99 per photo and I cannot afford that.

I most likely will not do this one again, I was not impressed with the organisation and considering the cost to enter, I felt it should have been better. This was not their first year. Back to North West Trail Runs I be thinking!

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