Redmond Reindeer Romp 12/05/15

As part of my sudden (?) interest in running I thought the best way to stay motivated was to have goals and therefore I needed runs/races to complete regularly. Joining East Side Runners and joining them on Saturdays and during the week is great, but being last all the time began to annoy me. It put me off going. No one is at fault, it isn’t anyone’s fault that I am last. I’m new to running, I don’t have good running form and I don’t have the fitness that others have. Everyone starts from somewhere, and this is where I currently am.

North West Trail Runs Winter Series Sign

I googled runs and trails which would give me official times, appeared to be well organised, and have multiple distances. Northwest Trail Runs popped up. They have runs in different areas, different distances using the same routes and seemed to be well organised. So I signed up to a few! They do trail series, as we are currently in Winter it is The Winter Trail Series. They have photos and times for everyone, provide clear markers and have hot drinks and snacks at the end. Everyone likes snacks – me for sure!Redmond Reindeer Romp was held at Redmond Watershed Reserve. I’ve been here with East Side Runners on a Saturday morning run and it took me over an hour, with a lot of walking because of the hills! They like their hills over here. I was apprehensive as we choose to do the 5 mile route. However, I knew I wouldn’t be the last one over the line because there was the option of a half-marathon!

I missed the opportunity to capture a photo of the yellow school buses, but they provided one to shuttle people from the overflow carpark to the reserve! So cool :-p

Michael Lake Photography was the official photographer again so I looked forward to seeing the photos afterwards.

It was cold, wet, windy – definitely choose the wrong season to begin running!

It is a bit chilly out!
It is a bit chilly out!

I was thrilled with how I did today. I knew I had managed 5 miles in under an hour even with my mapmyrun tracker it showed this so I was pretty damn chuffed when the official time of 53:08 came through. This is a similar distance to the Ravenna Refresher 8km run last month.

Huge thanks to Michael Lake Photography for the below photos, for being out there in the cold and the rain. 🙂


Happy face from a soaked through runner!
Happy face from a soaked through runner!

Jelly Beans, Crisps and a Hot Drink to end was fantastic. Plus we stayed for the raffle and both won a price. Matt won some reindeer antlers and I won some Reindeer Gumballs. 😀

Happy times!
Happy times!

Totally rocking my Lucy Active Wear again, with Salamon Trail Shoes

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