Kirkland Tree Lighting 11/29/15

I joined a Be Neighbourly group on facebook for our local area. It has been an interesting read at times, but also a great source of information. Places to go and visit, things and activities in the direct area, and other aspects of the larger area in which we live.

Kirkland Tree Lighting 2015 was one of the things to do which was mentioned  quite a bit, so we had a wander down to the Marina, looked at the boats which had been lit up and waited for the tree to bit lit. It was a chilly evening, but nice to snuggle together, walking along the jetty and waiting near the tree.  Not too much to say about this evening. After the tree lighting the largest boat set sail, and a choir sang Christmas Carols over the speakers.

Once we were home, we tried out our fire place with a 4 hour log. Much much easier than organising the fire at Mum’s! Paper + Kindling + Logs = Fire

Home fire place
Home fire place

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