Kirkland 5km Turkey Trot 11/22/15

Kirkland Turkey Trot
Kirkland Turkey Trot

Hubster did not partake this morning. He was feeling very fragile and rough from yesterdays run, even after a huge brunch with Igloo. (I’ll think of a proper name for him but didn’t want to just write “I”!)

I picked up my race number and free t.shirt a couple of days before the race, which is a much better way of doing things. This was a 5km run/walk/race in Kirkland which raised funds for HopeLink which is a community based charity(?) — I am still learning the differences over here, so I’m not sure if charity is the correct word to describe this service.

There were so many people here. It was amazing! I waited in the crowd and it was quite uncomfortable just how packed in we were. I kept trying to catch Hubsters attention, but he was too busy talking to a random dude. — or so I thought  —

Under 30 minutes for sure!! I did not stop once, worked on lengthening my strides, and ended with a smile on my face.

Non stop running and a smile too
Non stop running and a smile too

After finding Hubster, I found out that the random dude from above, was in fact known! In a series of coincidences, this man asked Hubster if he knew where the finish was as his wife was running. They then realised that they worked together in London and both had transferred over here into different offices.

Congratulations to his wife for running her very first 5km. 😀

We headed to a coffee shop afterwards to continue chatting, and they served a really nice tea which I haven’t yet found in any shops.

I need to find this tea!
I need to find this tea!

Rocking the Lucy Active Wear as usual. I love these leggings. They might be for yoga but they are so comfy to wear on a run when I don’t need to carry anything.


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