Ravenna Refresher 11/21/15

So I’ve did the 5k and quite enjoyed being in a crowd. So I am aiming high! In January there is a 10 mile trail run in the park across of the road from us. I need instant gratification for things I do — give me praise when I do well, and that includes running….please! So we worked out some runs to do between now and January which would slowly increase my distances and also make me feel proud of accomplishing something, whilst also increasing my fitness, helping me lose a little bit around my hips so next years wedding dress will give me space to eat loads and loads of food :-p

This is a run based across the Lake!! We had to take the long route – rawte…haha…no I do not talk like that yet! So were up very early, so we could find parking, find the park and pick up our race numbers. This is with Northwest Trail Runs who seem to do a lot of runs throughout the year. Many people appear to do them, so we thought we would give it a go.

Today was the Ravenna Refresher which was held in Ravenna Park. Really nice park, if we lived more locally I would definitely go wandering in there. Well maintained paths. There were options of 4km, 8km, or 12km. All using the same trail. Either once, twice or three times around, with a water station provided. I opted for the 8km as I seem able to regularly run 5km now without stopping.

Hills! Hills Hills!!! Need to get used to those. They wiped me out. Hubster was very very hung over this morning so I had hoped that I would have beaten him. 😦 No I didn’t. Maybe one day. That is a long term goal.

It was so cold this morning. 33F which is around 0.5C. Chilly.

Thrilled to have finished this with a smile as it was hard work.

The end and I am still smiling!
The end and I am still smiling! Plus spotted Hubster waiting for me 🙂

I was exhausted, my legs hurt, and I could not regulate my temperature. I was cold, hot, cold, hot, throughout. It was uncomfortable. Sleeves were pulled up and down, neck warmer worn around neck, on head, on wrist and I wanted to throw my bottle away but I needed to drink water because that is what I need to do at the moment! I wasn’t even hung over, I didn’t go out! This is a learning curve.

I completed this with a time of 59:54….I was under an hour!

I had a lovely email conversation with the gentleman who took photos today. He provides downloads for free and only asks to be credited. Thank you to Michael Lake Photography.

In my Lucy Active Wear again – need to go shopping for more trousers! Salamon trail shoes too.


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