Talapus Trail to Lake Talapus 11-15-15

Originally Hubster had suggested Teneriffe Falls, but once we met with our hiking buddy – let’s call him….H – we changed our minds.

Ready for the drive!
Ready for the drive!

We started later than expected due to some road closures, and H had the suggestion of another one. We swapped into H’s car as it’s a landcruiser which means we can access more trails than if we went in Husbter’s car….Cannot remember the name, but we headed there and the road was shut so instead of turning right we turned left…..this looked familiar to me and then I realised we hiked near to here on the lower level back in June. Ira Springs Trail.

Driving along the road to the car park I began to get very excited because THERE IS SNOW IN THE TREES!!!

Layers went on, gloves, woolly hat, NEW BOOTS — all whilst there was gentle snowfall 😄

Bit further in than the start of the trail
Bit further in than the start of the trail

I think I’m just going to show the photos and comment on them rather than describe it all. Unfortunately my camera battery died, so I have had to borrow use some of Hubsters photos too.

It was a lovely shorter hike, we could have gone further up as there were two other lakes higher but we can do that another time. The ground was clear from snow, which was mostly on leaves, branches and other foliage. We ate lunch near the Lake and wandered up a little higher before coming back down. It was cold, but not too cold considering there was snow, and thankfully it did not rain.

Found a waterfall along the way which H said he had never seen so high before. It was beautiful, and scary as it was moving so fas

P.S: RAB base layers and trousers, Lucy running cover up, and brand new boots! Salomon Comet 3D Lady GTX Hiking Boots.

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