Dirty Harry’s Balcony 11-8-15

We chose to go to Dirty Harry’s Balcony again, with the hope we could actually find the balcony


We found it!
We found it!

We had a friend with us too, which was great. He bought chocolate…I bought an apple!

Snacks...one is better than the other!
Snacks…one is better than the other!

Someone had obviously gone along and marked the route a little bit where the turn off is for the balcony, so we saw where we went wrong the previous time and made it to the balcony. It was well worth it.

Silly thing though, Hubster lost his water into the bottom of his bag. Somehow, the lid had split so a whole litre spiller out. Amazingly he had a small lightweight towel which acted as a sponge! We had spare water of course so no problems giving him more!


The weather was a bit wet, became wetter, clouded over, cleared up, rained some more but the view was amazing. I loved that whilst we ate lunch the clouds came over and the view disappeared then began to come back.

After the balcony we walked up to where me and Hubster went the previous time, and I have no regrets at all that we still have not made it to the top. The great thing about living near is that there will always be another time, and that there is no rush to complete.

The men boys decided on a short cut back to the parking lot…haha who were they kidding – not a short cut, a walk through the trees getting hit with branches until we found the road is a better description!

Looking forward to next weeks hike….wonder whether it will be….

P.S: Why not say what I’m wearing, after all I did on my running one! RAB clothing – my trousers, and base layers, both top and bottoms. Berghaus jacket which I love especially with my Uni-Qlo downs jacket underneath it. Wearing my beloved Salamon trail shoes too of course!

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