Dirty Harry’s Balcony 10-11-15

Choosing where to go on any given day whether it is a hike, shopping, or a mooch around is a hard thing to do between us! Someone needs to take the lead and neither of do.

Today though, we agreed on Dirty Harry’s Balcony. Washington Trails Association is a really useful website for planning trips and seeing how others found the route.

This was my first long drive and my first “proper” time on the interstate. All was great, I did good 😀

We started with a full breakfast. I wish I could remember how big the portions are though as I forgot again! We were full right round until dinner. We also noted that I appeared to be dressed in the Seahawks colours without even realising….ooh unconscious mind.

Once we arrived at the carpark there were hardly any cars, which was quite nice as that meant it would not be a buy trail.  The weather was lovely, not too hot nor cold. Needing only a light layer and trousers.

We didn’t manage to find the Balcony but still enjoyed a lovely 3 hour 30 minute hike! Both very sweaty monkeys by the time we relaxed and met people along the route who also had not managed to find the balcony lol. We will be doing this one again, and the website mentions it is a good winter hike.

Some photos from our trip 🙂

This was a wonderful sight at the end. I was in such deep need 😀

Loo break!

Hubster drove us home so a car selfie seemed necessary!



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