Board-games….who me?!

I enjoy playing board games, especially at Christmas and on holidays, but I would never have said I would be the type of person to play board games in a cafe/restaurant (I’m not sure what this place counts as).

Italian Soda
Italian Soda

It is called MOX – right next door to a piano shop too!

They sell Cherry Italian Soda ^^ awesomeness in a glass…..mmm

There is a large section devoted to selling board and card games, there is a tournament section at the back of this which I have never been in to……..dragons?

Attached next door is a place where you can play board games at the table and order food and drinks, you can either bring your own game, borrow one from the shop and try it out, or buy one! We went with some colleagues of Hubster. One of the others (yes there are many) who moved from the UK office and 2 of his work colleagues in the area they work which is different to Hubsters area.  It is really nice talking to other people as sometimes I get no other opportunity to talk to people for a long period of time.

I really enjoy Munchkin and Flux and there are many different ones of these so I look forward to increasing my collection! Fun and fast little games which are great for groups….I was treated to the extension pack of Munchin Vampires 🙂

I really like Splendor at the moment, I don’t know how to describe it but it is simple to get with a bit of competitiveness and sneakiness.

I’m looking forward to going again, the only problem is that we go on a Sunday and that is likely to be a day we go venture into the outdoors like we did last weekend for a lovely hike!


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