Weeks 15, 16 & 17

Here we are, almost up to date! A 3 weeker, until next week when I am back to normality and a weekly post.

Week 15

7th – 13th April

Planning for a ukulele class I’m teaching and found this great and easy chart for basic chords. Work day at the weekend at Kirkland Marina, the weather was awful and the event was cancelled 2 hours early because of high winds. Coffee coffee, this is the same place as I am currently sat. I love that they use real mugs, and the heart is a wonderful touch. I joined a soccer club, I am awful, today was the first game and I was shite…I fell over without the ball anywhere near me and Superman’d on the astroturf. By the way, that stuff HURTS! Then I stopped the ball, and it left this bruise impression. Yes, that is the imprint of the ball. I feel sorry for the gals in my team…I really am awful. I am a Brit who is dreadful at soccer, who also doesn’t support any soccer team.

We have another foster cat, called Forest, she is very shy and 10 years old. We had her over 2 weeks and unfortunately she isn’t ready to be adopted out. She is going to Feral Care in Bothell. This was her first few days with us.

Bookclub book…I highly recommend you read this book! Plus it’s set in Seattle, which is pretty cool.

Week 16

14th – 20th April

Chinese for dinner, a close up of nosy Marie’s face. Finally got my guitars up on the wall including my new-to-me Taylor mini….it sounds so good! I had help from a personal organizer to sort out our spare/guest/den/office room. I have a desk, I can use my desk and I know where everything is and it makes productive sense. Marie was resting next to me in the couch when Max decided to “play” nope…just nope, she only plays on her terms.

I am making a baby blanket for a friend, but as I have until August and it doesn’t need to go in the post, this is my “complete at work so I take a break” blanket. There was sunshine so I took myself out for 20 minutes.

Forest the foster cat doesn’t leave from under the bed. She purrs but is so nervous and shy still.

Week 17

21st – 27th April

We have been allocated an allotment and this makes me very happy. We’ve dug it over, fed it and now need to buy so food! I visited St Edward’s Park, took a photo of the gloomy grey by the lake….looks like the UK 😀 I got happy mail from a friend, a postcard about having tea and biscuits.

We have given Forest back, and I realized we had no first aid supplies. Hubster was bitten and scratch very badly, she was so scared at being picked up to go into the cat bag. 😢

A family I work with kindly gave me some chocolates which look like galaxies. The photo which looks like marbles!

I woke up extra early as in 5am, I nanny in the mornings but usually wake around 6am. At that time there isn’t often a cat in sight, but at 5am this is how they sleep! Flowers. So beautiful, shame they aren’t mine.


Weeks 11, 12, 13 & 14

Another 4 weeker post!

Week 10

10th – 16th March

I have one day missing, but I am okay with that. I have a few more missing later this month and that is also okay! Hubster is back and Max cat is much better. Next step is to look at his diet but we need him to gain some weight first. I have had music rehearsals, I’m in a trio with clarinet and piano. I play flute. This piece is kicking my butt at the moment!

Girl Scout Cookie Season is upon us! Happy Days. Crocheting with a watchful cat nearby who wants to play. Nope, he gets no yarn playtime! I finished a little crochet purse too. It appears I planted hyacinths in the yard….I didn’t realize so these were a pleasant surprise.

Week 11

17th – 23rd March

I back on the knitting train, and have started a little girls cardigan for my best friend here in the States. Her friendship definitely makes the hard days easier. Hubster’s mum is visiting us, so we went over the Leavenworth, WA a Bavarian town east of the mountains. I love going there. We wanted to do a short easy hike, but the snow closed the road. Instead we found a little path to wander briefly, there was this amazing viewpoint not far in so we all took a seat in the sun. Hubster decided he wanted to stand on the rock on the edge….sometimes I just shake my head and sigh.

I love the photo of the two cats Max and Marie. She’s rolling around like a sausage lump whilst he watches.

The moon woke me up in the middle of the night, I actually expect a cat walked on my head or something, but the moon lit the room up like it was day time. The camera doesn’t do it justice.

I finished another crochet project….mermaid and fish. I get a monthly subscription crochet box, and managed to get behind on it so I am catching up! I am nearly there.

Week 12

24th – 30th March

It is nearly Easter, therefore I found the Peeps. Not just yellow Peeps….but multicolored ones! Peeps are marshmallow chicks. I love to heat them up in the microwave before eating them, they expand and makes me think I’m eating more than I actually am! Hubster brought me a present as I missed out on our vacation….a Launchpad. Very happy wifey! Found him and Max asleep on the couch too, plus a standard photo of each cat too.

Week 13

31st March – 6th April

More cats this week, surprise surprise! I went for a wander with a friend again, this time we stopped off at Snoqualmie Falls on our way home as she had never been. This is another place I love to visit. Anyone seen Twin Peaks? Yup it’s the same place.

I am decluttering, or at least attempting to. Max found the only surface with all the bits I was sorting out on, and promptly fell asleep on it all. Marie is pleased the weather is becoming warmer and takes herself to bed in the middle of day, we couldn’t work out why until I found her soaking in the suns rays! Marie was incredibly cute this week. I moved onto another room to declutter, emptied a box turned around, looked back and found Max in it. I am on another crochet project, making a Mandela.

Weeks 7, 8, 9 & 10

It is now May 1st, life has been busy, life hasn’t given up and I have only just caught up with posting my photos onto Instagram. Why has it taken so long?

We had our trip to Canada to renew our visas for America, we were then supposed to have a vacation to Whistler but instead had a very sick cat who needed 24/7 care, so Hubster went and I stayed home. We have then had sickness in the house, I’ve taken on more work hours and we were back and forth with pet insurance. Finding time to sit and write anything has been non-existent. To be honest anything unrelated to work and cat care has been non-existent. So here is a very short and sweet 4 week post, I’ll then do another short and sweet 4 week post, followed by a 3 week post. I am then all caught up on my Project356…..not including wandering the other posters! That will take a long while indeed.

Week 7

10th – 16th February

Still in Canada, waiting for our passports to be returned with our new visas so we can head back to the US. We visited the Glenbow Museum, Fort Calgary and up the Calgary Tower. It was minus minus degrees, so cold but thankfully they have skywalks so you don’t have to be outside for too long. I couldn’t resist getting a photo at the airport of a Moose as a Mounty with a Canadian Flag. We will go back, probably not in the depths of winter though, I’d like to visit Banff in summer. Valentine’s Day so I learnt a new song to use in my jobs, Skinamrinky Dinky Dink, it is very cute. I needed cake so here is my very chocolaty chocolate cake I found, I ate it all in one sitting. Then felt ill 🤢 Marie cat was rolling on the floor once we were back, looking most peculiar!

Week 8

17th – 23rd February

We went to a Speakeasy/1920’s themed 25th Wedding Anniversary – yay Amazon Prime for getting me a dress and accessories within 2 days! – there were poker tables and themed drinks. Quite fun! Gifts requested was a donation to Mary’s Place I hadn’t heard of them before but now I do. They are “a leading voice for homeless women, children and families in emergency situations.” They do amazing things. ❤️

I went out hiking with a friend, up Tenerife Falls. This is a favorite of mine, unfortunately the snow and ice stopped us reaching the top. I knitted a headband for my friends birthday, she requested the style and let me choose the yarn for her.

Our boy, Max cat is sick. Very sick, he went in for emergency surgery and was kept in over night. Our girl, Marie, was very clingy to me that night. She tries to be all macho but we saw her true colors and she misses her brother from another mother! We have our boy home, and he has to wear this cone for 2 weeks. We are thankful he is alive, he looks very sad at his bowl though.

Week 9

24th February – 2nd March

Hubster has left for vacation to Whistler for snowboarding. I was supposed to be there too, but Max Cat needs a level of care which we just couldn’t put onto a cat sitter. Meds every few hours, plus careful watching when he eats and drinks, no running around and no letting his sister groom him. As we were going with Hubster’s friends, we decided he was best going as planned, but coming back a few days early.

We had snow, and also clear days which meant my crocus are coming through! We live in a complex so there is a clubhouse and therefore food for 4 nights cooked by chefs – local community members who love cooking – I was very well looked after by all whilst Hubster was away. Salmon fillet, and also a banana dessert. Max cat is very sad, he hates the cone and the medications, but he is healing. We had a check up at the vets to check his eyes and they were happy. One more week and we go for surgery follow up and see if he is healing okay. His intestines folded back on themselves so they had to go in and sort those out before it became any worse. Lots of snuggles in bed, on my lap and whilst he was high as a kite on meds.

Week 10

3rd – 9th March

Hubster is still away, I’m still at home with a sick but on the mend Max cat. We had more cone off time with me supervising, he pretty much lazed around with me and his sister, but night times are very hard. They can’t be in the same room because he needs to be contained so he doesn’t run around, our girl doesn’t like being in one room. Therefore if I’m sleeping in the bedroom with him and door closed, she cries aka howls. If I go into the spare room with her and that door open, he cries and howls. Plus the 4-6 hourly medications….I am exhausted and to be honest couldn’t give a pigs fart about how amazing the vacation in Whistler is! Max has taken to sleeping and resting on my face. Now he is a 12lb (9/10lb’s at the moment due to being ill) maincoon, fluffy and heavy, it is hard to breath!

I did go down to a sewing expo with a friend though for a few hours, and this blanket was up. The owner kindly let me take a photograph of it. My crocus have bloomed outside finally and I have a white one!

Weeks 4, 5 & 6 of Project 365

Well things started well this year, commenting and visiting everyone was successful…then my laptop broke. It electrocuted my legs and hands! So here is a 3 week post for everyone 🙂 I am also running out of WordPress storage so whilst I decide what to do next, I’m using PicCollage to create a grid of photos to upload. Hopefully the photos are still clear!

Week 4

20th Jan – Wallace Falls. This is a lovely little hike not too far from me, and again there is a waterfall! We live in a very lush and beautiful part of America at the moment and it is the local views like this which I hope never cease to amaze me.

21st Jan – Blooming Garden. It is nice to know that despite a cold winter with some snow our little plot of land survived and the bulbs have begun to pop their heads through the soil. Means I need to find time to clear the tat away!

22nd Jan – Sewing Machine. My mum brought me this machine not long before we relocated to the States, I had a few lessons on how to use it and then BAM we moved. I needed to buy an adapter thingy to make it work because the electricity is different and then I couldn’t get the machine to stop tangling up. My friend looked it over, and all that was wrong was that I loaded the bobbin the wrong way round *sigh*

23rd Jan – Marie Cat. Humpf…she is in the bad books. She kept us up most of the night, meowing, bashing the closet door/bedroom door/bathroom door, knocking things off the bedside tables. You name it, she did it. She didn’t want fussing, she didn’t want food, she didn’t want to play. My alarm went off at 6:15am to get up for work. At 6:45am when I leave, she was on the bed sleeping. So I woke her up!

24th Jan – Dinner. We live in an gated community, or complex. We are lucky to have a clubhouse with kitchen and bar, there is one chef who we love to go and eat with because his food is delicious. He’s been away since Christmas so we were very excited for his pulled pork sandwich!

25th Jan – Coffee Flower. Every now and then you need to go to an expensive coffee/chocolate shop during the work day. Today I think the barista knew we needed a little love. Beautifully decorated mocha with a flower.

26th Jan – Crochet evening. It is Friday. My big plans for the evening involved sitting in front of the tv with Netflix on, continuing to work through all my Little Box of Crochet boxes. This one is a cowl.

Week 5

27th Jan – Garden is coming to life. I managed to get outside for a very short time, cleared away some of the winter remains and started to give the spring bulbs space to keep pushing through the ground. It will be nice to have a break in the rain so I can get outside and sort it properly, ideally for a whole afternoon.

28th Jan – Grotto. Me and Hubster planned to hike on this day but we’re both too exhausted. Instead we opted for a walk around one of our nearby parks called St. Edwards State Park. It’s really beautiful in any season. This little seminary is there, it was built in the 1940s but has been in this location since 1952.

29th Jan – Brunch date. Went to see Hubster for brunch at work today, the cafeteria had this lovely display of carrot cakes, chocolate cakes and chocolate brownies. I resisted somehow!

30th Jan – Dumplings. Managed to go bouldering with some friends over lunch time today, and as we hadn’t been in such a long time we decided to treat our weary arms, legs and core with some yummy dumplings. Mmm.

31st Jan – Max cuddles. Wednesday’s are my longest work day and I’m often tired when I come home, this one was extra late so I fell on the couch for a little rest before dinner. Max jumped right up for some cuddles, which is lovely of course, but he is a 12/13lb fluffy cat who loves to be on your chest or face….it makes it tough to breath 🙂

1st Feb – Photo of a photo. Okay this is a “ahh I need a photo”. The cats wouldn’t sit still and nothing else took my fancy. So my Instax Camera it is. I love this little camera, I got it at Christmas and it makes me smile each time it spills out a photograph.

2nd Feb – Clematis. We brought two clematis plants at the end of the season last spring. They looked worse for wear and we weren’t sure if they would survive, but clearly they have. There are many blooms due to open, and this one is already trying.

Week 6

3rd Feb – Thai food with a girlfriend on Mercer Island. It was lovely to have a girls night out, even though we ate at 7 and were home by 9:30! It is always nice to see her outside of work based things. She was the first person I made friends with when we moved. I shadowed her at work so I could see how my field is different in WA, and then from there we hit if off and became external friends too!

4th Feb – Max cat on a bag. Clearly Max wanted to be near to me this evening as he commandeered my bag as soon as it hit the ground and I sat down to eat dinner, he promptly fell asleep and didn’t move again until we put food down for him and his sister before going to bed.

5th Feb – Today was my birthday, Hubster brought this lovely small cake in my favorite color. It is a Valentine’s Day cake because the heart on the top is actually a ring, but that’s okay because I got a BRIGHT PINK CAKE for my birthday. Also a wonderful iPad Pro which replaces my laptop which broke ❤

6th Feb – Brownie. Mmm mmm mmmm. I love cake, any cake I love, but chocolate brownie covered in cream and ice cream has to be my favorite. We ate at the clubhouse in our complex again this week as a) it’s $9 for a meal and b) we have no food in the house!

7th Feb – Marie wanted to come to Canada with us! She was very grumpy when we took her out to continue packing.

8th Feb – Touch down in Calgary, Canada. We weren’t sure if we were going to make it here, even though we left Seattle on time, they had already announced poor visibility in Calgary and if we couldn’t land the plane would simply turn right back around and take us back to Seattle….we made it though.

9th Feb – We had our appointment at the American Consulate this morning, and then went for a wander around Calgary in the cold. So we entered the Calgary Tower and went up high. The views were amazing, mountain range in this direction….flat land in all the rest. You can see for miles and miles!

If you got this far, thank you for reading and catching up on my life!

This is a log hop so check out some of the others doing the same project.

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Talus Loop 1/14/18

I love hiking, but sometimes I just don’t love the getting ready, getting up early, heading out in the car etc. This sometimes means that although we plan to hike at the weekend, it can take a long time moving and therefore we lose the light especially in winter, or we need to find a shorter hike to do.

Talus Loop is one of those hikes. It is short, around 4 miles long; it is nearby, less than an hour; and it gives beautiful views!

We headed out to arrive at the trail around 11am, as we drove past the parking lots for Little Si and the overflow lot, I noticed the number of people walking along the road – this is not a good sign! It means the lots are busy and full, which in turn means the trail will be busy. We turned into the parking lot for Mount Si and it was a disaster zone. Cars were parked in any way they could, thankfully no one blocked others in! Mount Si is a well used trail, it is about 8 miles long, but with a lot of elevation. The Talus Loop is a right turn loop off of Mount Si.  We drove around the lot twice, and thankfully found a spot! We weren’t entirely sure what to do if we hadn’t!

The trail is well used, and therefore in good condition. It has been raining lately, are we surprised it is January in the Pacific Northwest?! The path was muddy, at times water was running on it. It was not slippery, nor was it off-putting. The weather was beautiful and I wore too many layers, so near the beginning I took some off, realising later on that I didn’t have my woolly hat 😦



Just before a mile, a sign post appears letting you know which direction you want to take, we veered to the right which takes you through trees which are so green at the moment. This trail is less travelled, most choosing to stay on the main Mount Si trail. We passed about 6 people for the entire time we were on it. This path gently slopes upwards, and is easy to follow. We came to a split in the trail, with a sign post saying “Roaring Creek Trail”. I have a GPS tracker on my phone, so we had a look to see where this goes, how long it is, and if we can get back to where our car is. On the tracker it was labelled as Lower Teneriffe Connector, and we could see that it loops back onto the Talus Loop and just at the right point to hit the views!

Walking this new path, which neither of us have done before we discovered a bridge which goes over a small river coming out of a waterfall.


We realised that we had been walking down hill since we joined this path, and that only means one thing! We had to head back upwards. This was not a problem though, the upwards was actually easy.

We re-joined the Talus Loop, unfortunately we didn’t miss the switchbacks 🙂 Heading up those I began to get excited. It was a warm, clear, beautiful day so the views would be amazing. Plus we could eat some food!


Stopping to look at the views is the mid-way point, after that it is the way back down. We discovered the tree roots which I love, and then walked back along the trail until we joined back to the Mount Si trail.


We found my missing hat!! Someone had kindly picked it up and placed it on a rock.


We had a beautiful hike, and were now looking forward to heading to the airport to pick up my friends who were arriving from the UK, but they had been in New York and Toronto before heading to Seattle.



Week 3 of Project 365

Week 3 is here 🙂 The weekend involved getting my hair cut and coloured – no more blue but we’ve added red! A fun hike with the Hubster up a trail we often do when short of time, or feeling lazy. This time we extended it slightly down the Roaring Creek Trail which re-joins the Talus Loop we were on. Then on Sunday one of my closest friends from the UK visited with her Hubby. They ended their honeymoon with us, after spending time in New York and Toronto. Seattle was as usual wet and damp this time of year, but it was lovely to spend time with them with no set plans!

Monday was a day off for us as it was Martin Luther King day, Tuesday I went around the stores including the craft ones so my friend could pick up some yarn to take home. I’m on a “NO SPEND JANUARY” so this was really hard but I succeeded. Wednesday through Friday were work days, but I was able to pop out for a quick lunch so I could see my friends before Hubster drove them to the airport.

13th Jan – Hairdressers 🙂

14th Jan – Little waterfall on Roaring Creek Trial off Talus Loop. More photos are here.

15th Jan – Marie Cat looking cute as pie ❤

16th Jan – Our neighbour gave us this plant for Christmas which has bloomed now. Apparently it should be a red flower!

17th Jan – Lasagne made by my friends, it was amazing and lovely and really needed after a long day at work!

18th Jan – Crochet hat, quick and easy project and such a stash buster!

19th Jan – Long day again at work, but I found time to relax and play some piano.


Week 2 of Project 365

Here we are in week two, and this has been an exciting week! We have NEW WINDOWS!! This makes me so very happy, no more breeze coming through our back door, no more windows moving in the wind, no more water getting in between the panes and no more heat escaping!

6th Jan – I’ve been trying to utilize our space room/study room/craft room space better. Trying it with my desk facing the wall instead of overlooking the balcony so I can also use the top of the bookcase.

7th Jan – I have a poster to track my running for this year, I’m giving it a tick everytime I run…even if it’s a walky run 😀 I’m trying to get back into running, even though the weather is awfully wet!

8th Jan – Crochet! I have a separate site and Instagram for my crafts to keep them together but this is the only photo I took today. I receive a monthly crochet box from Little Box of Crochet. I am a little behind making them, so this is the Blue Sky Hug Scarf.

9th Jan – I’m almost there with making my desk space cosy and personal.

10th Jan – One of our windows on the back wall, and we opted to have it open a little bit on the ground, partly so we don’t have to have the back door open to give air flow but also so we can try and build a catio on the deck from here for Max and Marie. Here is Marie already giving it a good sniff!

11th Jan  – The window people had been in so the house hadn’t had time to heat up so I hid in the bedroom! Max decided to be a silent non-scary hunter and I did not know he was above me until his tail swooshed my face!

12th Jan – I saw a friend for lunch near to my main work place, it’s a wonderful chocolate and coffee shop which overlooks part of Mercer Slough. In warmer months there are kayakers on the water along with the wildlife!

Happy week to everyone, this is a blog hop linky. Check everyone else out too!


Poo Poo Point 01/01/2018

What a wonderful start to the year, a hike up a mountain. Tiger Mountain to be precise.

I’ve never been up any of the hikes on Tiger Mountain, I know that Hubster has and this was lovely. So lovely in fact that I forgot to take any photographs except when we reach the two points we stopped off at!

We met with one of my friends who I used to regularly hike with, when I started working early morning babysitting during the week it meant I wasn’t able to go hiking as we often started at 7am. I’m trying to work out how best to get my weekly hikes back in – initially me and Hubster said we would hike one weekend day this year, but to be honest we are exhausted!

Back to this hike….

We reached Poo Poo Point via the Chirico Trailhead, which is about 30 minutes drive away from where we live. It had a decent sized car park, we arrived before dawn and there were a fair few cars already in the lot. The hike up was comfortable, I’ve not been out in a while so I had the usual annoyances of being unfit, struggling with the steep sections but other than that it is a nice walk up. Lovely views through the trees every now and then, including this one!


After dawn broke we started to see and meet people on their way down who had watched the New Year in from the top.

The Chirico Trailhead comes to wide open area, with a view, porta-potty and some benches. Here is a little video of this view along with “HAPPY NEW YEARS” which are very cute ❤


We continued from this point for 5 ish minutes to Poo Poo Point, we were the only people there. This is also where the paragliders take off from! This is also the same area in which McDreamy built his house in Grey’s Anatomy 🙂 See here for a reminder or if you aren’t a Grey’s Fan 😀

The sun was shining beautifully through the trees as we made our way back down the trail. My camera does not do this justice at all.


All in all this was an amazing start to the year.



Week 1 of 365

So this is the first week, days 1-5. I am choosing to write mine Saturday to Friday as I know I will not have time to do any typing up on a weekend.

1st Jan – Early morning New Years Day hike to Poo Poo Point, WA

2nd Jan – Max finally fitted himself in this tiny box

3rd Jan – Family time watching a movie

4th Jan – Work day

5th Jan – Night on the town to the movies with my best friend here in the States, Downtown Seattle is a really beautiful. Pike Market on one side and a view of the Space Needle on the other. I highly recommend seeing Ladybird if its on somewhere near to you!

This is a blog hop, but I missed the deadline :/ Next week!!

2018 is here…

Welcome to 2018 🙂 This is the year I give this a proper go. I enjoyed writing the few posts I did up until April 2017 and then life took over so much of my time and I just did not have anytime to write, hike, take photo’s etc or so I tell myself. Maybe I just didn’t know what to write, or who was reading. Hi Mum-in-Law! Therefore I lost the umph.

This year my main resolution I would like to focus on is ME. I want to find the time to do the things I love – hiking, music, crafts – whilst still working! I am currently working 3 jobs, all which I love but it does cut into my time by quite a lot.

Friends are so important to me, and I miss them all so very much. In the last couple of months I’ve discovered the app Marco Polo and it has been a life saver! I love seeing my friends and their children’s faces almost daily! My best friend here in Seattle brought me the most beautiful note cards for Christmas so I am looking forward to sending snail mail throughout the year to my nearest and dearest!

I’m aiming to walk and run the year 2018, 2,018 miles in one year. This works out to around 5.5miles or 11,000 steps per day. I’ve got a couple of posters which I can fill in as I go, plus an online tracker to see what I do daily. Thank you Fitbit! I have gone back to tracking my steps. I’ve got a lovely personal trainer who is going to help me get back into running in an healthy way, good running form but also good nutrition. Through this I hope to get back into climbing. That is a really good date night, plus used to end with getting a pizza slice or two 😀

I love my crochet and knitting projects – anyone need a baby blanket or nice newborn set?! I have a few couple – and my planners and paper crafts so I am trying to find time to fit those in as well. All in moderation I think.

I’m trying Project 365 again this year. One year I’ll complete it I’m sure! In January I am going to simply take a photo a day, but then from February I think I’ll have a look at photo prompts.

I liked the idea I had of tracking my hikes last year on a map, taken from Pedalling to Patagonia, and I’m going to do that again. New map will be up soon because we started our new year with a hike up to Poo Poo Point which is where a certain McDreamy had his house *swoon*

Without further ado, the year has started, Hubster is at his piano lesson and I’m listening to 2 cats wailing for food even though their bowls are full, therefore I’ll sign off and tidy up the blog to restart.