Project 365 Week 10

I am linking up on time and only with one week *high five*

This week has been a little more interesting I think, I managed to go out hiking, had some cat love and snuggles, and a delivery of yummy goodness from Mama S! We also had a date night in the form of my works auction.

Week 10

Day 64 – Hiking with friends to Wallace Falls, over towards Gold Bar on Route 2. I love hikes which have waterfalls through them, I also love hikes with clear vast views! This one goes through many trees. The hike started dry, then rain, then to snow at the top. Beautiful. You can read more here.

Day 65 – Another hike, or more like a walk. This is my local State Park – Bridle Trails. It is on the border of Redmond and Kirkland, and took me 40 minutes to walk from home up to our meeting point. The hike was then 1 hour around.

Day 66 – Heard some commotion coming from the living room! Silly cats, Marie attacking the rug and Max watching her with this *what are you doing?* Expression on his face.

Day 67 – I was doing some work at my desk when Marie decided to come over for snuggles. She shoved her head right into my elbow and wiggled until she was squished up and then bared her tummy for some rubs — always a dangerous game as she can change in the blink of an eye and her alter-ego comes out! The She-Beast from the depths of the lagoon….

Day 68 – Mama S sent us some CREME EGGS! 2o of them came all the way from the UK…taste soo good. Nothing like some chocolate which actually melts in your mouth *drool*

Day 69 – More cats 🙂 sat watching me. You can kinda see how big our cats are against their tunnel. That is Max’s tail sticking out the end, and his face is peeking through the middle hole!

Day 70 – Auction time for my work, selfie for this project too. I tried to get the colours in my hair to pop! I have hidden blue and purple strips which only really show when I curl my hair and put it half up.

That is my week in photos, I’m looking forward to seeing yours too!


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Bridle Trails 03/06/2017

Yesterday walking up Wallace Falls wore my legs out, so I did not go up Mount Si with the hiking ladies. Instead going round my local state park, I walked up there which took 40 minutes and met with one of the other hiking ladies and her friends. This meant I did not take many photos because I was too busy talking with new peeps!!

I like Bridle Trails – it is really close by and beautiful. This is a no cycling park, but is dog and horse friendly. We didn’t see either of those today, but there were definitely recent horse activity! There is a large area for horse riding competitions *I think* with seating and lots of places to tie up your horses.

Following a brisk walk around the Coyote Trail which took only an hour, we headed back to one of my new friends homes for coffee and tea. An amazing Chinese tea! So full of flavour but also incredibly smooth. Note to self find out more and where to get this! In August myself and 2 ladies hope to walk and backpack for a couple of nights, so we started looking at dates and areas…..there are many places we want to go to so we have further work to do!

Date Night hidden as part of a Works Auction

Not a long post, but one to share because it is rare for us to be able to dress up pretty and have a night out!

It was my works auction so we decided to stay the night at the same hotel so we could both have a drink or two 🙂 We did not win anything, and it was a really nice night out.

After the auction had finished we headed to the bar, and although I could not decide what I wanted to drink the barman managed to create me a mojito based drink which was pink – my favourite – and also sweet – again my favourite! He did a great job, it was wonderful.

Wallace Falls 03/05/2017

It has been a while since we’ve gone out with Igloo and Sausage but we managed it today. This is a hike I’ve done before but one which neither them nor Hubster has done.  We really wanted to get out, but sometimes at the weekend we have a lazy time and struggle to stick with any plans we try to make. By roping in Igloo and Sausage and agreeing to have a normal timed breakfast before we drove, it meant we committed!

We met at 9am at Homegrown in Redmond, a place we go to too often! Starting the day with a Avocado, Egg and Cheese sandwich and a tea or coffee, before the 1 hour drive up and along to Route 2.

Wallace Falls is a lovely hike with a lot of space to take your time and resting at different view points of the waterfall. The trip reports on WTA read that this would be an almost dry trail which I looked forward to. We have had a lot of snow, and some of our trails nearby are still in high avalanche territory, so finding one which would be suitable for our friends who do not have spikes or poles etc,  but also one which would be interesting for me can be difficult. I managed it this time!

I’ve multiple photos from this hike, using my camera until I filled the memory card (rookie move) and then having hubster continue to take photos on his, then asking for Igloo to share his — I wish I had waited for the new iPhone in  the plus size, the portrait option is AMAZING — huge thanks to him!

The trail began clear, slightly wet ground but easy going. Some trees in the growth had come down in recent high winds, but the path was clear. I like this route because you see trail runners, dogs and families along it. As we got higher the rain began, until we got higher above some of the lower tree line, and the rain turned into snow. The snow began to settle the further up we got and it was beautiful. We didn’t need spikes or anything but I do think if the weather up there gets any colder I’m sure the ground will freeze.

I’ve used a collage maker to upload as I did not want to take up too much space on Instagram and I quite like how these turned out 🙂

I’m never much good at the writing up of my hikes, and think maybe I should take notes, but until I decide how I want to write up you can have a lot of photos to look at!

Some from me, some from Igloo and none from Hubster as he hasn’t shared them with me!

Visit from Mama S February 2017

Mama S came to visit last month for just under 3 weeks. We are both working now, so we weren’t able to take her out and about as much as last year, but we passed the Orca card – like a Oyster card in London – which meant she could use the buses.

A little reminder of our trip for me, and her if she’s still reading this 🙂

Max and Marie went in for a bath and groom up the road at The Whole Cat and Kaboodle. This is a wonderful establishment. Nancy and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, but they also have adoptions and boarding capabilities. You can play with the cats! They have lots of grain free foods, litter and other goodies. Our heat reflective catnip cat mats come from there and all proceeds go to feral cats.

Max looked gorgeous in his little bowtie which stayed on for a very long time! He posed repeatedly on the countertop! We played with some of the cats and kittens in the boarding room too.

We had a real mixture of weather whilst Mama S was here, from full blown snow through to sunny through to torrential downpour! Waking up to snow and having a couple of days to enjoy it was really nice.

One place Mama S asked to visit was Salish Lodge and Snoqualmie Falls again. I love these places so that was a definite stop off for us, and we even treated ourselves to a yummy lunch where I had a pizza and cherry pie for dessert…oh and I wasn’t driving so a cheeky cocktail joined the table!

These appear to be all the photos I have from Mama S’ trip! We did have a trip up to the Outlet stores for Valentine’s so I was treated to a new watch, and pair of trousers and a top for work.

It’ll be another year before Mama S comes for another visit.


Project 365 Weeks 8 & 9

At some point I’ll actually manage to do a weekly instead of fortnightly write up!

The last two weeks have been “boring” in the world of me. So more cat’s, plants and random life. The weather is hopefully going to improve so hiking will begin again! I would like to say I’ll be back to running, but who am I kidding!

Week 8

Day 50 – Marie and her catnip cat. I love seeing our cats play with these because they are so funny! If only I could capture them on video.

Day 51 – Both cats were watching through the window as I came home.

Day 52 – I woke up suddenly in the morning because something felt wrong. I opened my eyes and saw Max staring at me….very freaky! Is this what having children is like?!

Day 53 – Snuggles with Marie cat 🙂

Day 54 – No more cats! This time it is my new plant stand for out the front of our home. Lots of people in the complex have lovely flowers and plant displays outside their town homes so I’ve decided to be a sheep and do the same 🙂

Day 55 – I babysit after music practice with a pianist and clarinettist, and today we decided to get the paints out and have a crafty afternoon…this is a medium I am not good with using.

Day 56 – Hubster had a night on the town with a friend all the way across the lake into Seattle city! I was feeling under the weather so didn’t join him and instead after dropping him at the Park and Ride decided to stop at the store and pig out.

Week 9

Day 57 – Romantic wander along Kirkland Marina, view over to the city. We were too early for sunset, but nice weather means more wanders.

Day 58 – Woke up this morning to snow! I work within Bellevue School district and we did not have a late start so I needed to drive out early to get to work on time. Thankfully drivers were taking it slow and I didn’t see any accidents on the way. (Gritting the roads doesn’t really happen around here and people are very good at tailgating EVERY SINGLE DAY!)

Day 59 – No snow today, so whilst I was babysitting I took lil’un out to the park. One I haven’t been to before and it had a castle in it! I We loved it!

Day 60 – Our boy Max has for some reason decided he likes to bother Hubster when he is working at his computer, not by asking for attention like a normal cat but by climbing over him and eating his hair. Each to their own I guess.

Day 61 – The weather was clear today, and I needed some fresh air out for my lunch so I walked around to a wonderful – but expensive – lunch chocolate coffee place. They are on the edge of slough and it was lovely to see geese, ducks and the water.

Day 62 – Our seedlings are growing really well. We’ve got a mixture of radishes and flowers. The random frost and snow means we can’t put them out on the deck because it is still too cold.

Day 63 – Rare work related photo but how could I not share these! Guittens. I love them, they go over the head of a guitar and stop little fingers from playing with the tuning pegs. Perfect for both my jobs as I work with under 5’s.


My two weeks in photos. I love my little life in America, and although sometimes I don’t leave the house or if I do I forget to take any photos, I think I will enjoy the memories at the end of the year.

Happy project 365 everyone. 😀

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Project 365 Weeks 6 & 7

It is another 2 week write up for me this week. Hubster’s mum came to visit and arrived on the 2nd February and is here for just less than 3 weeks so I’ve not had much time to sit and write up anything. I think for now this Project 365 is mainly a photo diary of my year, the boring and the fun!

Week 6

Day 36 – Happy Birthday night to me, and it is snowing! I don’t think I can ever remember it snowing on my birthday in the UK so this is exciting. Hopefully it continues to settle overnight.

Day 37 – It settled! Local school districts are closed today, but it doesn’t affect me as I don’t work on Monday’s. I went for a wander around our complex with MIL and found the swans on the larger of the lakes.

Day 38 – Another snow day so no work for me today, school districts still closed, and yet the postman (USPS) still made their rounds. A sneak peak at our wedding Thank You’s! Yup…we are 8 months behind.

Day 39 – Double cat watching me on the deck whilst I try to safe some of our potted bulbs after the random snow 🙂

Day 40 – Max Cat … work day so didn’t capture any other photo!

Day 41 – Marie Cat decided she had had enough!

Day 42 – Saturday came so we took a drive out to one of my favourite places, we take all our visitors here! Snoqualmie Falls — Twin Peaks fans, this is the falls in the show!

Week 7

Day 43 – Now it is past Valentine’s Day it is ok to post this. As usual I made Hubster’s card.

Day 44 – In the attempt to stop Marie cat putting on weight whilst we also try to help Max cat put on weight we decided to make it harder for Marie to eat. She dug for food for all of 30 seconds before remembering she is a bully and pushed Max off his bowl. *sigh*

Day 45 – Tried another feeding attempt by putting them out of view of each other in the hopes Marie wouldn’t eat Max’s food. Didn’t work!

Day 46 – I joined Ispy which is a monthly make-up/beauty thingy. This is this months treats! Needed a new mascara and never worn this colour lip-stick so happy days 🙂

Day 47 – Decided to buy a new craft bag as it was in the sale! Very good sale price in Joanns, but then realised it was too small for my crafts…it works perfectly for my make-up though! So now I have it all in one place 🙂

Day 48 – Tried another crochet project, in thread. Made a bookmark for my MIL and really impressed at my first attempt at such small and fiddly crochet stitches.

Day 49 – Saving my plants from the deck worked! I have blooms 🙂